Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dear Journal {circa June 30th 1995}

{Yeah, you heard me, TELL ALL TUESDAY IS BACK YO!!!!}

Well, I am to the point where I hate my family and dread the idea of ever going home! My mom thinks she can just make me do whatever she wants me to! I want to move out so bad! I wish that I could! I think that I'll set up a tent in my backyard and live there for the rest of the summer! I know it sounds immature, but at least I'd be away from the wicked witch for awhile! I seriously need to start writing my friends letters. They always write to me, and I always for get to write them back! I'm starting to figure out why I'm so mad at my mom! She's keeping me and Chanie apart with all of her stupid rules! Now, the connection with me and Chantel is unbreakable. If she got killed, I would either: 1) go insane and never go anywhere or talk again, or 2) I'd commit suicide.


Dear Mom,

Hey, remember that one time when I was 14, and I said and really did mean things, and I was self absorbed, and catty, and also used WAY too many exclamation points? And remember when I would yell at you, and only see things from my point of view, and felt really sorry for myself even though you paid hundreds of dollars for me to do cheer, fed me three square meals a day, gave me my own {really pretty} bedroom with it's own vanity and sink in it, drove me anywhere I needed to go, and gave me spending money every weekend - even when I forgot/refused to clean the bathroom and pick up after myself?

Remember that?
Yeah, that was less than ideal.

Thanks for not selling me to the gypsies, or, I don't know, smothering me with a pillow in my sleep.{Cause honestly, you would have been justified.}

Way to keep your cool, woman.

Your daughter.

Dear Chanie,

You know how it got really weird there at the end of that entry?
Sorry about that.
Um, so, yeah.



Dear 14 Year Old Lola,

You should be nicer to your mom.
Oh, and you should DEFINITELY think about using more exclamation points in your writing.
{It will come in handy later when you write really dramatic blog posts!!!!!!!}

31 Year Old Lola


Lisa Lou said...

Awesome. Just awesome. This is probably just a little taste of what I got coming my way in 14 years.

Aimee said...

I bet your mom is grinning from ear to ear with this post. I loved it!

Chantel Timothy said...

Oh my heck!!!! That is too funny!!! Love it.....remind me to sell my kids when they are 14. Oh wait I love exclamation points too!!!! weird!?! Bahahhahaha although we were pretty inseparable for quite a few years there! You are brave for opening up your old journal. I think I am the last person to find this weird....remember I was your BFF at the time you wrote this....ahhhhh! Hmmm I wonder what my journal says on that date???

LMS said...

Thanks Laura, That is quite funny!!!!! I think Chanie your journel entry is probably something like. "I hate my mom with all her stupid rules. I just wish I could move out. Maybe I could live with Laura!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!