Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dear Life,

I pretty much hate you today.

I hate the incessant snow/sleet/hail/drizzle that soaked me as I ran screaming out of Walmart.

I hate that I still live in Utah County where I know full-well that the weather is downright POOPY 10 months out of the year. I hate that I am stupid enough to have gotten myself stuck here.

I hate that I had to wipe down thirty bags of groceries as I put them away.

I hate that there are soggy cereal boxes in the pantry and that my hair looks like I stuck my finger in a light socket.

I hate that my 3rd grader got a note sent home from his teacher saying that he was hell on wheels today.

I hate that last month, after several behavioral problems were reported, I told my 3rd grader that if he got ONE MORE EVER-LOVIN' note sent home because of bad behavior, I was going to pull him the heck out of school and home school him.

I hate that I now have to home school my kid... but do you know what I hate worse? Walking around on eggshells every day hoping and praying that my dang kid will behave like a decent human being in class. Yep, I hate that even more than I hate the thought of trying to get him to sit still for 2 freaking seconds at a time and learn something in our house...all by myself.

I hate that there is a leak in the roof.

I hate that there is also a leak on the gas pedal in our new van.

I hate that President Obama held YET ANOTHER stupid news conference and interrupted Good Things Utah. {Even though I can say with a reasonable level of certainty that I also hate Good Things Utah}.

I hate that I even have to call him PRESIDENT Obama. How embarrassing for us...for ALL of us...even those who didn't vote for him. {Ahem, ME!}

I hate that this post sounds frighteningly similar to my crazy 14-year-old journal entries and that I haven't changed quite as much as I'd like to think I have over the past 17 years.

I hate that I had to use a calculator to subtract 14 from 31 to know that it has been 17 years since I was 14 because I can't do weird, odd-number-ish math in my head.

I also hate that it has been 17 years since I was 14, and that sort of means that I am getting old.

I hate this blog post,

and I even hate kittens and rainbows.

Especially rainbows.

Forget you, Life.



Life with Kaishon said...

Oh no Lola!
I can only comment definitively on one thing since I don't know anything about Good Things Utah or Math!

Kaish was a terror until the third grade. The END of the third grade. I thought I was going to die. I got SO many letters home. I tried everything. I put him in therapy. I tried incentives. I tried punishments. Everything. And then, one day, it just clicked. He got a little more mature.

School is just hard for some kids. Especially boys. In the middle of third grade I asked for Kaishon to be tested for learning support since he was having a crazy hard time with math. That was the best thing I could have EVER done because they put him in a SMALLER classroom for part of the day and that made all the difference. Some kids just can not be in groups of 30. Seriously.

Praying for you. Especially that you will like kittens again because kittens are so nice ; )

Lisa said...

Dear Lola,

I know, I home school too. Funny I wrote about the why I home school today without the hate. BUT! I tell you not everyday is bliss SOMETIMES I JUST HATE IT!!! but I do it because I love my son. . .just like you. and sometime I hate puppies and Unicorns too :) I hate, hate, hate being cold and with a cold rain you never get warm. I just hate that. President Obama...reminds me of W and boy I hated him! I don't see the difference... except of course when it comes to life issues...and I don't hate maybe I do hate O too and don't even know it. Thanks for bring that to my attention. Gee, I hate that. I hate it that my oldest son knocked off the hub caps in my car today and now we have to get new ones. I hate having to by new things because of carelessness. I hate it that he drives and I really hate it that he has a phone and is texting all the, buzz, buzz that's all I hear. AND I pray he never texts and drives. I would really hate that.

Heres to a bright tomorrow Scarlet and I hope you can get warm. I just hate it when my electric blanket won't work and I freeze all night. I had to add fourteen to 17 to see how old you are. I hate that! I also hate that I am old enough to have a son that drives so it's been longer when I was 14 then you and I hate that too.

Goodnight Lola! Rest well!

#@#@, Lisa

Jeff and Jessie said...

Lola-eat some chocolate.

The Tame Lion said...

Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance.

Heather said...

We have to talk. We found out the root of T's misbehavior and it's FOOD allergies. No joke. I think more kids have this problem than we know. Love ya!

Jillian said...

Lol! I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad day, but glad that you said so. I know things aren't always kittens and rainbows at my house, either. Here's hoping at least a few things on your list turn around and are better tomorrow! :)

carly said...

I know how you feel with Kort...Wesley is in trouble a lot at school too =( I get e-mails pretty much daily from his teacher. It breaks my heart that these little guys have such a hard time.

Bee said...

Today we're twins. Because life is pretty dumb today.

Kristen said...

my darling lola- i love you.

i hope today is better. sorry you had a rotten day. it will make the bright days even brighter, i promise. call me if you need more venting or if you wanna go get ice cream or something! muah!

Unknown said...

As a former 2nd grade teacher, and now a teacher for one of the virtual homeschools in Utah I can totally relate to what you are going through. One of the best things I've ever seen parents do is go to school with your child. Get a babysitter and go with them. It tells them that you think school is really important, and that you also think it is important that he learns to behave appropriately. The first few days they will think it is cool to have their mom there, but after a couple weeks they get the message that it really isn't fun to have mom there helping me learn how to behave and with me everywhere I go. Seriously.... it is pretty amazing. Soon he'll be saying... ,"Okay Mom, I get it!" But if you decide to homeschool full-time more power to you. It is tough when you don't love it and have your whole heart thrown into it.

Natasha Ireland said...

Not trying to be mean at ALL, just putting in a plug for you to move to ME. It's REALLLLY NICE 10 months out of the year here. There are LOTS of great homes in TX. and girl... TEXAS needs a Lola :) :) xoxo see you sooon. CAN'T WAIT.

Spencer 'n' Kristi Corbett said...

I understand what you mean by being stuck in UT. Coming from Southern California makes these wet, cold and gray months nearly unbearable. Good thing you're so creative and know how to make life fun! You go to show it's what you make it everyday and you do a great job!
I also know what you mean about having to call that guy our President. I voted for the American thinking that was patriotic. Joke's on all of us for the next while, eh.
All I've gotta say is it's a good thing you're so optimistic. Even on hate days like today, you do a great job making it fun to read about. ;)

Kathy said...

First time reader here. You are awesome. "I'll be back..."

The Nowell Family said...

Okay..I just laughed my head off!!! Your blog makes me laugh, and really happy to read it and I love that you are flat out honest. We all have crappy days and really really good days, and can I just say that I love that you write about it all!!! Thanks for making me smile :)