Thursday, June 24, 2010

nesting, and such. (part II)

Lookie what I made!
Okay, not so much "made" as:
1. thought up in my head,
2. purchased fabric for,
3. asked my awesome friend Sharese to cut out
(since I can't cut straight lines
- not even with a rotary cutter and guide-
to save my life)
4. and got my sweet, sweet, saintly, patient,
positively divine mother-in -law
to sew together...
but I had the idea...
and I picked out the fabric...
and I even cut out some of the silhouette appliques...
that counts for SOMETHING, right?
(are there too many dot, dot, dots in this post?)
Anyway, BEHOLD: Baby Bob's burp cloths!
...aren't they so cute!?

The Hippo.
The dog.
The Rocker

Kortland was a SERIOUSLY MAJOR barfer back in his newborn days,
so we wanted to be prepared in the event that Baby Bob followed suit.
These are so plushy and yummy, they make the prospect of catching (and harnessing) massive amounts projectile vomit sound downright exciting, don't ya think?
{My favorite shot, Bella was mortified (as I'm sure you can well imagine) that I caught her wee-weeing in the background.}
Stay tuned for the rhino and the weenie dog.
These three were all we were (meaning: all SHE was) able to completely finish today.
Thanks Mary Lee and Sharese! You're the best!


Barbaloot said...

My pregnant sister-in-law has just done the same thing! Love it.

Blackwell said...

OH I just love the guitar one but they are all sooo cute! How exciting! ...and you're absolutely right, those burp cloths make me want to catch a babies throw up...well almost. ;)

Josh and Emily said...

So cute! Your shower looks like so much fun...can't wait to see you, because I will...soon.

Josh and Emily said...

P.S. I am not a stalker, that comment totally sounds like one :)