Saturday, June 26, 2010

baby. shower.

my sweet friends stacey and kristen threw a wonderful baby shower for me and a few friends, and it was so much fun! it also didn't hurt to have a distraction from the absolute nightmare of a night we had last night. {kortland, dog bite to the face, four and a half hours in the emergency room, five know, stuff like that...} that crazy mess needs a post all its own, and i don't even think i'm mentally ready to re-live it, so, for now, let me just say that everything is okay...and it will continue to be okay, but it's best for baby bob's sake {okay, and my sanity as well} that i just focus on some seriously happy things. like, a new baby. and great friends. and a wonderful little boy. and a most excellent hubba-a-bubs. and a really fun, charming, whimsical, happy baby shower full of a bunch of people whom i love... you know, things like that... so, without further ado, i give to you, my baby shower.
and um, yes, stacey's home does look like it could be featured on the cover of house beautiful, even in person. okay, more so in person. in case you were wondering...but she's so kind and sweet and wonderful and down to earth that it's sort of hard to hate her even though my instincts tell me i should (okay, no they don't) ... so i just adore her instead.
and did you notice the tags? BOB. love it. and what {you may ask} were those darling chinese take out boxes full of? why, cake bites from the sweet tooth fairy {i will answer.} lemon, chocolate raspberry, and coconut cake bites to be exact. and don't ask me to pick a favorite, i couldn't if i tried...
cupcakes were from
the cocoa bean... and i think we were unanimous...they sort of kick the Sweet Tooth Fairy's bum... (we love her too though, we're just sayin'... they sort of do...) leave it to stacey (cupcake connoisseur of the century) to find some of the most ridiculously delicious cupcakes in the valley.
AND, leave it to stacey & kristen collectively to make sure that even the water bottles were darling...
up close and personal with a cake bite.
and isn't our co-hostess (miss caroline) BEYOND adorable? yeah, i know.
stacey...and lots of cupcakes... (did that really need to be explained?)
chocolate raspberry cheesecake, mmmmmmm....
{photo courtesy of the lovely miss caroline}
{banner courtesy of the lovely miss kristen}
and now, my absolute favorite photo series from the day:
(there is not a cuter little girl in existence, i swear!}
above: me, showing the girls where the dog ripped kort's lip open.{in case you were wondering where that might have been, i will tell you. if you were asked to name the worst possible part of the know, the part where you would never, ever want a dog to bite you because it is super delicate and intricate, and would be really hard to repair, and would pretty much leave a scar no matter what, even if a plastic surgeon was the one sewing it up (which, thankfully, it was a "plastic's guy" as the hospital calls them)... you know, that part? *** yeah, that's where.}
not only was miss caroline a fabulous resident photographer, she was also a very eager "babysitter." just a peach, that one.
i don't know what was so funny, but this picture perfectly sums up the day: lots of laughter, and great conversation with good friends. we talked about child birth, and babies, and miracles, and a lot about stitches {as my brain is sort of on ONE track today...but i tried not to be a total debbie-downer... tried.}
man, i love my friends.

i am a blessed girl indeed.


Imperfect Stepford Wife said...

Looks like a great look gorgeous by the way, OMG, I received the baby dust, can you send me some of that glow?

Jen Nelson said...

I'm totally kicking myself for not having another cupcake (or 4). My butt on the otherhand is very thankful.

So much fun to celebrate baby bob :). You have awesome, fabulous, amazing, wonderful friends.

love you

Kestrel said...

Wow what an awesome shower. Hope Kort's mouth heals. My hubby had a really bad lip mangle when he was little, and right after it happened and he had gotten stitches they went to the beach. After a week of playing in salt water the big bad owie was totally gone with no scar. So maybe you should take a medicinal vacation to the beach?

Also, I had that puppy nightgown when Toby was a little baby. I still miss that thing. It was AWESOME to have around.

trevandjules said...

I'm so happy you had fun! What a darling shower. Can't wait to give you my present! (next weekend) :) Love you!!

Karen Deborah said...

very sweet looks like your blond friend will be having a shower soon too. The cupcakes look yummy.

Mandy said...

It looks like such a fabulous time. :) Sorry I couldn't make it. Sorry about Kort. I hope to stop by this week to drop off a little something.


Kristen said...

seriously?? can you look any more fabulous and can i look more like a cow?? hmm... if i didn't love you so much i'd hate you! ;) muah! i'm glad you had a good time at the shower! stacey is the bomb. i'm bringing your present over soon, maybe when we get together to document my bullet belly!

Jill said...

Can you ask Stacey where she got those adorable orange bird napkins?!

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