Sunday, June 27, 2010

another sunday morning.

this morning,
Kort woke up at 5:55 a.m.

totally had to pee.
sometimes i think he is pregnant by association.
then he wouldn't go back to sleep.
this made me anxious.
if his body is going to fight this "high risk" potential infection,
its going to need lots of rest.
going to bed at 11p.m. and waking up at 5:55 a.m.
is NOT my idea of "lots of rest."
he went into his room and turned on an old episode of "garfield"
we are old school round these parts...
muppet babies,

denver the last dinosaur,
all the oldies but goodies.
he watched for an hour and came back into our room at 7:00
"i'm cold... can i snuggle in bed with you?"
(as if he even needed to ask...)
i pulled him into my already toasty-warm spot,
piled the fluffy white comforter on top of his small frame,
stroked his tangled hair,
and told him i loved him most.
he fell asleep seconds later.
this is borderline miraculous.
he NEVER falls asleep in our bed.
not since he was 18 months, or maybe 2 years old at most.
it's too exciting to be in mom and dad's bed.
too many jumping, and burrowing, and "sheet fort" possibilities
in such a big, delicious bed...
too good an opportunity to talk mom and dad's ears off
or request a chapter reading from "matilda" or "holes"
or tell his newest, (and totally made-up) "knock knock" joke
or get dad to make up a story about a boy named kortland
who rides whales
and catches huge snakes
and all sorts of amazing things...
it would be a cryin' shame
to waste all that "family bed" potential on,

but sleep he did.
he didn't even try to talk,
just slipped away into a dream.
(a good one, i prayed.)
i went back to sleep too,
more than a little content to have all three of my boys so near.
one on each side, and one wiggling around on the INside.
a love sandwich made up of all of my favorite ingredients.
oh bliss.
we woke up two and a half hours later.
we ate fresh fruit,
and watched cartoons,
then we went out on the back deck
and ate ritz crackers with swiss cheese spread
and wheat thins with roasted red pepper hummus
and kort counted his pet snails,
and i read a book,
and the dogs studied us eagerly
waiting for a crumb to fall,
or for kort to get generous and out of hand with the sharing.
(which happens, um, let me see... ALL the time!)
then we got back in bed and watched AFV.
then we got back out of bed and made oatmeal
and sat in the living room to eat it.
(our house (and carpet, and bed sheets)
could probably benefit from a few food boundaries,
but i say "meh" to that. so it is what it is.)

i just love that bella is his footrest. {above}
cracks me up.
every time i pass through the living room, there they are.
kort in the banana chair,
bella under his feet.
he feels like king of the castle,
and she feels like she's getting a foot massage
at the local doggy spa.
what a lovely, symbiotic relationship they enjoy.
bubbuh and baby bob
already have quite an interesting relationship.
bubbuh longs to be closer to me these days.
he SO knows that something is up.
he nuzzles his face right up against my belly,
and then raises his eyebrows when baby bob nudges back.
i would love to know what he must be thinking
when my belly acts out at him with reckless abandon if it has a mind of its own.
(because, indeed, it sort of does).
baby bob totally knows he's there, too.
he perks up and gets to wigglin'
every time bubbuh comes in for a snuggle. PhotobucketPhotobucket
i find it so incredibly comforting
and so completely fitting
that while one dog took my boy's smile away over the past few days,
2 very special dogs were able to help him find it again.
man, do these two know how to love a boy.
happy sunday, friends.


Kestrel said...

MUPPET BABIES?! I love you.

And Kort's lip doesn't look bad at all, I promise. He's still just as cute and sweet as ever. Well, on the outside at least :)

Karen Deborah said...

what a perfect day. i think Kort's lip is going to heal perfectly fine. It looks good and ya'll have some mighty fine dogs.

Ashley Koz said...

That laughing cow cheese rules, I love it!

Uncle Ted said...

I gotta say, dogs are a great thing when people can continue to think of them as dogs. Nothing drives me more crazy than listening to/seeing people who think of/treat their dogs like people.

Kort's lip looks a lot better than I thought it would (considering the descriptions I got), but this never would have happened if people would see dogs as animals/pets instead of "furry little people."

Anyways, I'm just sayin'.