Thursday, June 24, 2010

nesting, and such.

They aren't kidding about this nesting thing.
It is serious business.
Today I spent my usual fair share of time
SCOURING the web looking for all things baby.
Then I got to thinking about how badly I want to redo my kitchen...
and my bathroom...
and the dining room...
and before I knew it, I was web surfing for
a bathroom vanity,
paint ideas,
and, um, sock monkeys... (um, yeah, sort of obsessed with sock monkeys...)
random enough for ya?
I'm pretty sure my nesting train is on a runaway track...

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier in Navy

I also looked into these "Moby Wrap" Baby Carriers
on one of my favorite sites
but I have to say, they look pretty daunting...
Have any of you been afraid that you are going to wrap
your precious cargo up wrong and end up dumping your favorite
new little person onto the floor? Or the grass? Or some concrete or something?
...Or, um, is that just me?
(and is that morbid?)
I have one ca-razy irrational pregnant-brain these days.
I think of the most awful things.
If the hubs doesn't answer his cell phone? He's probably dead.
Mauled by a bear that randomly came down off the mountain, no less.
If Kort doesn't answer his cell phone?
He's kidnapped. In a basement somewhere, and I'm never going to see him again.
Yeah, pregnant brain is pretty fun, I must say.

But, I digress.
I think I am going to order one and give it a try,
but wanted to know if any of you have tried them?
What did you think? Let me know!
I'll let you know what I think when I get it.
Jen...? A little help, yes?


Ashley Koz said...

Ya I think have had the same fear about those wraps

Jen Nelson said...


Once you get the baby in you can FEEL how secure they are! DON'T get a moby!! The fabric is super thick and will make you hot! It was perfect for my December baby but you will melt during August! Don't worry - I will hook a sister up! I will bring my moby with me Saturday and show you how to use it and you can feel how thick it is. I have the perfect option for you :) don't sweat it chic!

by the way... I am totally morbid like that to! It might be genetic...

See you soon!!

Coralee said...

I LOVE these wraps! I actually just bought a stretchy-type material that and used it with the moby's instructions on all the different "holds". It takes some practice getting used to tying them, but I think they feel more secure than most other carriers. I love how versatile they are also. Anyway - that's my 2 cents!

Barbaloot said...

I never thought about the baby getting dropped. I mean, just think about it...if you felt the little guy slipping, are you trying to tell me your arms wouldn't be there in a second to hold him?

Also, if your nesting needs carry over into the curtain category, feel free to come help a sister out at her new(ish) house:)

Banford Family said...

Go with Baby Pouch - way better than the Moby. It's super stretchy and made out of a great light material AND comes with a super cute bag. I had a Moby and then Heather got me a Baby Pouch in LA - CHANGED MY LIFE!

Katie--the amazing one, not your other friend named Katie. She's amazing, too, but not the same Katie as me-- said...

My sister is pregnant with twins. She was given one of these wraps as a gift. The last time I was down visiting her, she demonstrated how to use it by using two Cabbage Patch dolls.
Yes, it's possible to wrap up two babies.
Which means it's possible to have two babies slip out onto the concrete.
As cool as it seemed, it was rather complicated. She had mastered the art of the wrap, but I tried to re-wrap it when she was out of the room and failed miserably.
And I always thought I was pretty good at puzzles and stuff.
My advice is to try it out first. Make sure you can master the wrap and use something heavier than Cabbage Patch dolls to ensure that they won't fall out (but watch your toes).

Lindsay said...

When I was prego with Spencer, Cory didn't answer his phone once and I freaked out and grabbed Parker and drove all the way to Salt Lake thinking I would find him in a heap of a car wreck on the side of the was so pathetic. When he finally answered his phone I was a sobbing mess!

Oh the joy!!!

Carlie Michelle said...

you know I love you! I really do, so so much! You always keep me laughing, but I have to ask.... why in the world does your six year old have a cell phone?

I cant wait for that new baby boy of yours to get here so I can love him through your blog! Miss you.

imemary said...

The Moby is pretty complicated to get on, but I still think it's awesome. I like using it at museums and the like because then Izzy can nurse or sleep while I walk around. It does get pretty hot in the warm weather, though.