Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dear Jojo,

Remember that one time {like, last Saturday} when you were all like "I REALLY want to go to the Color Festival, but I REALLY don't want to miss the Young Women's broadcast!" and I was like "That's hard! But if you want to do BOTH, I can come pick you up early from the Color Festival...?"


And then do you remember how you were like: "Yeah, I think that's what I'll do." And then I was like, "Okay!"

That was a good plan.
But then, remember how I left at 3:30 {to go to the Hindu temple roughly 8 miles away from my house}and how it took me over AN HOUR to get to you because the traffic was so ridiculously bad?
Yeah, that was crazy.
And then, remember how I kept trying to call you, and you kept trying to call me, and our phones wouldn't work?
Man, that was stressful.
But at least you knew to keep a lookout for Valentine.{Yes, I named my truck.}
And then remember how you saw us, and ran up and hopped in?
That was a relief.

You  looked super cool/pretty/fun-loving/all-American-with-a-splash-of-Hindu and such.

I'm glad you had fun.


Dear Carlie,

Remember how I was sitting on a luxurious chocolate microfiber futon in your driveway eating Nacho Cheese Doritos from a green plastic bowl and chattin' it up with the neighbs?

Those were good times.
{And classy times, if I do say so myself.}

Then, remember how I said "Oh, I need to be heading out to pick Jojo up from the Color Festival...wanna come with me and show me how to get there on the back roads so that it doesn't take forever?"

And then remember how you were like...
"I am having huge emotional issues with the fact that a bunch of non-Hindus go all crazy over the "Color Festival" every year and crowd out our otherwise delightfully rural community...but yes, I will go with you...because I am the world's best neighbor."

{Okay, you didn't say that last part, but you could have, and I wouldn't have disputed it. Not one bit.}

Remember all that?
{You should...cause it was just yesterday, but anyway...}
That was nice of you.


Then, do you remember how we were cruising {at 3-4 mph} down Spanish Fork Main Street bumpin' country music in sweet Valentine with the windows rolled down, randomly harassing color festival peeps? {Good-naturedly...of course.}

That was fun...and sixteenish of us.

But THEN, do you remember how we spotted Jo, and Jo spotted us, and we were really relieved cause our phones wouldn't work and we didn't know if we'd be able to find her, and then she hopped in the car, and we started driving {1-2 mph}and then some crazy shirtless idiot threw a bag of bright purple colored chalk through Valentine's open passenger window and told us "You're welcome!" and you got really really upset?


What a turd.
What a colorful, shirtless, and in all likelihood high as a kite Turdy-McTurdster.
Then, do you remember how you kind of freaked?

And how you were like:
"Let me out! I'm going to PUNCH his freaking FACE IN! Let me OUT!!!!"

And I was like:
"As much as I would love to see a hot platinum blonde amazon take out a rainbowy, joyful, in all likelihood non-Hindu stoner in the crowded streets of Spanish Fork, Utah, NO, I am not letting you out of the car."

And you were like:
"Fair enough."


And then remember how you said:
"My hair! My hair! This purple is going to stain my hair!!!"


And then remember how we laughed really hard, got on the the freeway, sang Alan Jackson's hit song "Itty Bitty" at the top of our lungs, and headed home for a little photo shoot?

That was super fun.
Then, remember how you re-lived the trauma of the purple chalk powder assault for the camera?

That was impressive.

Then, remember how you got over it, and realized that you sort of looked like a sassy Clingon hybrid, and that you should probably just work it?


Yeah, that was sort of fantastic.


And remember how you were all smeyesing, like a contestant on America's Top Model?
And remember, during our photo shoot, how Tyra Banks herself flew past my backyard in a helicopter and was like: "Oh snap that is one incredible smeyes!"

{Oh, you don't? That part was probably just in my head.}


But seriously, that smeyes was downright stunning.


And funny.


And borderline hilarious.


Okay, completely hilarious.
And possibly therapeutic.
And definitely inspiring.


But then, remember how you remembered how bad it was again?


Valentine was pretty upset too.

But thanks for taking one for the team.
It wouldn't have been NEARLY as much fun without you!



likeschocolate said...

That is so awesome! How come we didn't think of something so awesome. Instead we have fireside and potlucks. Don't get me wrong because I love the gospel, but this festival is awesome.

Life with Kaishon said...

These pictures are gorgeous! Seriously gorgeous. WOW!