Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dear Journal,


Today was one of those just really great days. It started with the {9:00 a.m. - oi!}blessing of one of my favorite babies. Mr. Cam Kozlowski. Dang that kid is cute. His eyes are pure sunshine. I get to feeling really happy just by being in his presence. Ashley, his mother, bore a wonderful testimony. I have always known that she is as sincere, and genuine, and wise as they come, but I was still struck by those traits as she shared her testimony today. My favorite part of it would have to have been the part where she fanned her tear-filled eyes and then proceeded to tell the congregation "I need to stop crying, I just got my eyelash extensions filled last night and they're all going to fall out if I don't." I literally laughed out loud {emphasis on loud} and so did her sweet sister and the rest of her family. Like I said, that girl is genuine as the day is long. She epitomizes what it means to be "without guile,"and man do I adore her for it.

Did I mention what a treat it was to go BY MYSELF and actually sit and listen to an entire sacrament meeting sans Tennyson {the gremlin} and Kort {the man-child of a thousand drinking fountain drinks}?

Consider it mentioned.

We attended our regular sacrament meeting at eleven, and it was another doozy! I cannot believe the love that our ward shares. It really is like a family.  I don't know how we'll ever talk ourselves into moving somewhere else.

Kort gave the talk in Primary, and did a great job...minus the constant fiddling with the microphone and the unnecessary comment about the fact that he took a bite {yes, an actual bite} out of the paper his talk was written on because he claimed to be starving.

By the by, how many times does one have to say:

Have you not eaten ANYHING for three days?
Do you have not one, but TWO able-bodied parents?
Is your belly distended?
Do you live in Africa? Cambodia? Guatemala?


After church, Tennyson awoke from his nap feeling MISERABLE and crying like crazy. He is constipated...again. Let me rephrase that, he is constipated continuously. All the time. Day in, day out. It is horrific. We have been trying everything. Fiber gummies, Miralax, coconut, lots of veggies, prune juice, etc... Everything works for a very short time, but his body inevitably gets used to it, and then it stops working. So we are using those in heavy rotation, but if anyone has any suggestions for long term help for our poor little dude, I would certainly welcome the information.

We went on not one, but two walks in the glorious sunshine.

We ate German pancakes with bananas and whipped cream for dinner.

We sat around the living room chatting and reminiscing about the good old days and how Kortland use to sing Bon Jovi's hit song "You give love a bad name" by belting from his car seat:

"Shock-a-la-ha! And you're to blame! You give love a bad name!"

and then Jordan piped up and admitted that she always thought the song went:
"Shout to the Lord! And you're to blame!"

{Ha ha! Quite the religious zealot, that one.}

Then, we started talking about how the human mind has a very difficult time being 100% random. Or even 50% random, for that matter. Kortland brought this to our attention, oddly enough, several months ago, when he said:

"They say that it's really hard to be random, but I'm really good at being random. See watch, I can name 5 things that are totally unrelated. Kay, mark, set, go.

Car...door...weirdeeee !"

Ha ha ha ha ha!
That was only three words...and since we were getting in the car, the "car" and "door" portions don't count.
And since "weirdeee" is a made up word, I'm fairly certain that it doesn't count either.

The hubs and I consistently have a good laugh over that one.
We'll be driving down the road, and one of us will suddenly yell out:
"Car! Door! Weirdeeee!"

So, tonight, we yelled it out again:
"Car! Door! Weirdeeee!"

And then we retold the story of it to Jordan.

And then we challenged one another to call out five completely random objects.

I COULD NOT  for the life of me do it.
Mine went something like:
"Couch. Frame. Rug. Mirror. Window!" {All home interiors.}
Then I tried again:
Mountain. Lake. Stream. Bahhhh!!! {All nature.}
I was no good at this game.

Jo did okay, but only when she thought them in her head first. And even then, she was at 25% randomosity.

The hubs took the cake though. He hadn't been listening when we specified that
1. The objects had to be random and unrelated, and
2. That each word had to be autonomous.

His offering?

"Poop butt. Peanut Butter Sandwich!"

{And honest to goodness, even as I type this, I am laughing so hard that my nostrils are flaring to high heavens and tears are LITERALLY streaming down my face. - Fortunately, I got my eyelash extensions filled several days ago, so, unlike Ashley, I am not under direct threat of having them fall out.}

Oh, how I love that man of mine.

My stomach hurts from laughing so hard.
I love this little family.
I love all the quirks.

But mostly, I love the thought of just how very much mileage I am going to get out of the phrase:



Ashley Koz said...

Your so sweet, Im touched. I was so happy you were there! um on the ten tens constipation (poor baby) I would say green smoothies and/or super juice. Thats what we call it too super juice, yep I totally stole it from you. 4 year olds are SO much more excited drink SUPER JUICE then carrot/apple juice.. go figure. Your a genius I tell you, a genius!!

Emily said...

For constipation: probiotics. I like this one I get at Good Earth.'s+way+probiotics&hl=en&biw=1680&bih=959&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=14947909738528546500&sa=X&ei=9iBVT_7sCKT-iQLS9sm0Bg&ved=0CKIBEPMCMAQ

the Lola Letters said...

Oh my, Emily! I forgot that I mentioned Ten's constipation, and was just about to delete your message as spam because of the link. Too funny! Thanks for the info. Keep em coming!

Kierstin said...

Is he lactose intolerant? Try switching to almond milk or soy products. My son was extremely sensitive to milk and switching to soy was a life saver for him. Good luck!

the Lola Letters said...

Oh, I should have included that info - we took Tens completely off of all dairy {switched to almond milk} about 3 months ago and have maintained that diet...but it didn't change anything :( Ah!!!! So frustrating.

I will def try the probiotics though. We have used them intermittently, but I wonder if getting him on something really permanent/regular would help...

Katie Rain Photography said...

Maybe he has a gluten intolerance? It can really mess up your digestion.

Love your blog!

Emily said...

Oh my goodness I love you and your posts! I just always need a good dose of Laura.

Ashley said...

Jazmyn was ALWAYS constipated and had to be on a laxative every day. We switched her over to soy milk and she hasn't been constipated since... and no more laxatives! Good luck figuring it out. It is not fun :(