Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dear people who want amazing lashes but don't want to pay insane prices,

So, my friend Ashley graduated as a Licensed Master Aesthetician from Acaydia School of Aesthetics last May, and recently, she wanted me to do some photography for her, and I told her that I would trade photography services for... LASHES! I have always, always, always wanted them, but really, can't justify paying $150 for the "full set" and then $70 bucks for fills every three to four weeks.

{Can't justify it, or really just can't afford it? Ha ha! Okay, the second one.}

So, anyway, I got my full set on a few months ago, and I have to say:
I have died and gone to heaven.

Call me shallow, but when a girl {ahem, me} wakes up in the morning looking like a Disney Princess, {and said girl is already the big 3.0.}it's just kind of fantastic.

You can see my before/after here. 
{Please go ahead and ignore the fact that I look drunk in those shots! I wasn't drunk, it was a combination of late night/really sleepy/no make up/tape on my bottom lashes that made my under-eyes all wrinkly for a few minutes afterwards.}

I seriously love these lashes. They really come in handy when I forget...well, most things, {play dates, doctor's appointments, etc} and have to run out the door without putting any make up on. It also comes in handy when I DO have time to put make up on, but I spend half the time applying it as I used to, yet I appear to have spent twice as much time.

I love them a lot.
Probably too much.
I think that when you include lash extensions in your zombie apocalypse emergency plans {i.e. like, by storing extra food that will be used for the sole purpose of bartering for continued lash extension services} it's gone a little too far. But I'm not even sorry. I'm just not.

Ashley had a new little baby a few months ago, so she hasn't been taking any new clients, {which is why I've never told you about her} BUT now that baby is bigger and getting into more of a routine, she is going to take a few clients.  So I thought I would spread the good word around.

The awesome news is: her prices are amazing.  
As in: 
Eyelash extensions (full set) - $75
Lash fill - $40
Go here to see a full list of services/prices on her side bar on the right.

Those rates are FAR more affordable than what I have seen advertised elsewhere.
And her prices aren't amazing because she stinks at this and has to charge less.
They are amazing because she is a cute little stay at home mom with no spa-rental overhead who thinks that every woman should be able to feel pampered and beautiful.
And her spa room is awesome.
Sooo relaxing.
Really lovely.

I've also gone and gotten facials from her, and she is just super good at what she does.
She has magic hands.
Cheesy to say, but true nonetheless.

You can go check out her little blog-a-log for more info:


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Aubry Macbean said...

Those prices are amazing. Still not sure I can justify it though. Maybe for my birthday.