Monday, September 19, 2011

Dear Wendy @ Sweaty Chix Fitness,

Thanks for being such a fa-lippin' fun toning/Zumba instructor!


I love how you make me do roughly 30 reps MORE than I would ever do if working out on my own.
I love how you come make a human bridge under my leg lifts and push me to work harder and harder.
I love how everyone who comes to your class is kind, and fun, and I love how they feel like old friends... even though I've never met them before.
I love how I can sing the work-out songs at the top of my lungs and NOT feel like a complete idiot.
{And NOT feel totally alone either...cause you're singing two or three volumes louder ;}
I love how your ipod was stuck on repeat today. And I love that you are no better at navigating an ipod than I am, but how you make it work anyway.

But most of all, I love how I HATE Zumba {like, with a passion} but that I LOVE Zumba when I come to your class. Your Zumba class makes me FEEL like a Smokin' Hot Latina Mama even though I LOOK like a gangly, white epileptic having a prolonged seizure to the musical stylings of Shakira and J.Lo.

That's no small feat.



Formerly known as Frau said...

I love this letter....and your class sounds like a Zumba class is not that fun....but I like it just the same. Have a wonderful day ....say hello to my Wasatch Mtns for me.

Amara said...

I miss it when I don't read your blog. Maybe I'll see you at zumba sometime --although I zumba as well as a tree.

Ashley Koz said...

She is SO funny and awesome, I love her too!