Monday, September 19, 2011

The Campfire Letters.

Dear Tennyson,

It was your first time going up the canyon and having a campfire party for Family Night. Woo-hoo!
{Okay, you were decidedly underwhelmed... but that's not exactly new. Love that signature sober face...}You got bored and testy, so we put you in the van and turned on Nemo....then you were happy as a clam.

It's official.
You may look like your mother, but you are your father's son all the way.

Your Mom.


Dear Kortland,
Are you SERIOUSLY gonna eat two hot dogs and a s'more with those hands?
{Answer: Yep.}

Your Mom


Dear Campfire,

Why you gotta be such a turd?
So we forgot the lighter fluid.  Big Whoop.
It's like you get off on being withholding or something.



Dear Graham Crackers and Nutella,

Thank you.
No, really, thanks.

Whenever I feel like eating my feelings, it's nice to know I have a few little somethings as lovely as you to turn to. You are a match made in calorie-rich heaven.




Dear Fuzzy Caterpillars,

How cute are you guys?
I mean, honestly?
Crawlin' around on the hot dog roasters like you own the place...
{Cause, well, technically... you DO.}



Dear Hubs,

You know how you totally hate any and all things that have to do with camping? And you know how you get  all sorts of annoyed just THINKING about all of the baths that will have to take place, and the laundry to be done, and the leftover camp-y smelliness that will likely linger in our new mini van for a week or two...

And you know how we didn't bring fire starter with us today, so you had to get the fire going old-school-style, and once you finally had a roaring fire, you got all antsy and started trying to put it out before it "really got going" {because you desperately wanted to get it over with, get home, and get into a hot shower?}even though we were just trying to relax and roast us up some delicious jumbo-sized marshmallows so that we could smother them in nutella and then mush them in the middle of two graham crackers and stuff them in our faces, and then repeat that process 5 to 6-ish times?

And remember how when we met, I told you that I was a prissy city-loving girl, and that I preferred candle light dinners and a sappy opera to camping or hiking or outdoorsy stuff of any kind? And remember how you LOVED that about me, because you really hate all that crap too? And then, remember how a few years ago, I suddenly decided that I really, really love doing "all that crap"?

Yeah, um sorry about that.
In all fairness, YOU told me that you didn't like football. {ha!}

So I guess we're even.

The Wifey
{P.s. Thanks for taking one for the team today. We had a great time.} 

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Blackwell said...

Dear Lola,

Thank you for the good laugh. Love Mr. Soberface, and the fuzzy caterpillar!

your most favorite sis in law ever.

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

LOL. Love the campfire letters! Such a cute idea. :)

tinajo said...

Haha, this post made me smile! :-)

Tamar SB said...

Ooo you had me with nutella and smore's!! Yum!

The Dales said...

We use chocolate cake frosting! Nutella is a grand idea too!

Nisa said...

I adore your letters. So cute! :)

imemary said...

I appreciate the Arrested Development reference.

the Lola Letters said...

Dear Mary,

I appreciate that YOU appreciate {or even noticed} that reference.

Then again, you're kinda just awesome like that.


Emily said...

Love the camping letters and the caterpillar. I am going to have to show my boys that one. It is awesome! Looks like fun to me :)