Monday, September 12, 2011

Dear Fall,

I didn't think I would be ready for you just yet.
You know, due to the fact that it SNOWED well into the end of June this year...
But man, I am loving me some new school clothes, and freshly sharpened pencils, and a return to structure, and hot breakfast, and kids running down our sidewalks with way-too-big backpacks bobbing in their wake...
I am loving the crisp air, and the return of light sweaters and flowy blowy cardigans.
And as much as I loath football, I certainly don't mind all of the college football parties that come complete with hot dogs, seven layer dips, root beer, and conversations with lovely people.
And I'm loving the ripe gardens and the bounty of fresh, colorful veggies they produce.
I even bought a small stack of 20 cent spiral notebooks the other day... just because they were calling to me. {Seriously. They wanted to come live in my house and have very important lists and room-design sketches written in them all the live-long day. They were practically begging me to take them home. How could I resist, honestly?}

Today I am sniffing sharpened pencils {yeah, you heard me}, cooking a pancake breakfast, and enjoying the loveliness that IS September.

What are YOU doing today?

The girls at communal global want to know!
So link up so we can see your slice of the world.


em said...

I did have to re-read that one sentence! I think I'm ready for fall, but I'm not 100% certain of that just quite yet.

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Such a great post...and beautiful photos. Happy Tuesday!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Happy Tuesday! I'm so ready for Fall we had lots of snow too and a very hot summer but I love the crisp air and sweater weather! Have a wonderful day!

Nisa said...

Aw! The girls at communal global are producing gorgeous pics still! (Not that I had any doubts about that.) I think I'll have more time in a year when I'm settled in my shiny new place. (Wherever it may be.)

Nelson Family said...

Love the pictures of cute Tennyson! I am still trying to decide if I am ready for fall. I LOVE fall and everything that comes with it, but I don't want cold for a very long time! "Crisp" and "cool" are okay though :)

Harrison's said...

Just had fun stopping by and checking in on your cute family! You're just so dang cool and your writing is hilarious. Love it.