Tuesday, February 8, 2011


{Night sledding ='s freaking freezing with a side of awesome.}

1. Taking a nap when Tennyson naps SEEMS like a good idea at first glance, THEN, when I actually take that age-old advice and go ahead {blissfully} sleep from 10:30 to 1:30 PM...I feel like a giant loser and find myself answering the door in sweat pants with a ratty bun on top of my head at 5:30 PM. I also find that there is a sink full of dishes, a living room cluttered with homework, shoes, and toys, a bedroom cluttered with books, magazines, used tissues, and toys, and last but not least, a mom STILL rocking the ratty hair and downright nasty duds around 7:00 PM. Moral of the story? Tennyson's down-time is sort of my "get a jump on being the rockin' mom that I really am, and really can be" time.

2. Did you know that taking Kortland to the McDonald's Drive Thru when it is well past his bed time, and ordering a super-sized thingy of french fries and two ADULT SIZED ice cream cones makes me the coolest mom on the planet of earth? {Well, it totally does...just ask Kort.} For ONE easy payment of $3.88 + 20 minutes of my time, my kid honestly thinks I hung the moon, saved a kitten from a burning building, and discovered penicillin. And people wonder why we moms love being moms so much... sheesh.

3. I still want to cry because Natasha is moving fah fah away to Texas at the end of this month.

4. I may or may not be addicted to watching the hubs play "Black Ops" on the Wii. I make him use two knives {instead of, oh, I don't know, say...a machine gun?} in combat, and I laugh and laugh, {and eat peanut butter and chocolate} as I watch him run around killing machine-gun-toting opponents with two measly looking little kitchen knives. He is hard core. It is pretty darn sexy. Who knew those silly boy games could be so much fun?

5. We went night sledding for my nephew's birthday. It was fantastic! My favorite part? Having cake, drinking punch, and opening presents in 4 degree {F} weather. I felt like such a {Utahn.} It was pretty special.

6. I love Katy Perry's song "firework." This is SO SHAMEFUL. It's not my fault though! It's the dang cute little cancer girl who walks out of the hospital and starts exploding into spine-tingling "I can beat cancer and live a full and happy life" fireworks...and it's also the girl stripping down and jumping into a swimming pool all sorts of confident and happy with who she is... I'm not even kidding. Gets me every time. It makes me want to bawl with joy for all of the possibilities for success we have in this life... {Okay, now it's getting a wee bit facetious...} But really. I love that song. It gets stuck in my head for days on end and I don't even mind because it is like, the "I can do it!" anthem of the week. {and yes, I'm STILL EMBARRASSED. Why am I telling you this anyway? Well, DON'T tell anyone else, mmmkay?}

7. Sorry these posts are so random.
My brain is mush, I swear. But thanks ever so much for stopping by anyway!



May said...

I love thoughts, though I find it hard to pen them down. I am slowly learning to..:)
I think it is always best to take a break when the babies are asleep. Not only are you recharged, the kids have a rejuvenated mommy to wake up to...:) I learnt it the hard way though...:(

Unknown said...

Random is the best! Don't you know? Okay, dumb question, but who is Katy Perry? Hehe!

See? I never see naps as a good idea because I'm just sure I'll miss something fun. Granted, I feel the same way about sleep in general. Still, James manages to talk me into it each night. "Come on, Janyece. You don't want to be ornery tomorrow right?" Okay, he's got me there.

Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY watch Sam play Balck Ops. It is more fun than I thought it would be!

Lindsay said...

Late night McDonald runs certainly does make you a super cool mom!

Ashley said...

So I need info on your show that your doing on channel 2. What time? Have you already started? How's it going? Let me know so I can set my DVR! okay? thanks!

Emmy said...

Amazing how easily we can become the best moms in the world.. I really need to take more of those little moments to stay such.

I would feel like such a zombie if I napped that long. I always set my timer on my phone for 27 minutes. Just enough time to get to sleep, sleep some and feel rested when I wake up :)