Sunday, February 6, 2011

bath tub secure {over}

Dear Superbowl Sunday,

I didn't even watch the super bowl today.
Not even a little of it.
Not even for the {totally rad} commercials.
We sort of had more important things to do....
Like, coloring in bed...
and playing with balloons...
and making fresh chocolate chip cookies and eating them piping hot right out of the oven...
and reading books together...
and eating crackers with squeeze-y cheese in our pajamas
and taking hour-long baths...
{very safe ones}
complete with army men and dogs standing as sentinels...
and taking a four hour nap...
{you have no idea how sorely I have been needing one...ohhhh it was heaven}
Sure, I'm a little sad that I didn't get to eat any bean dip and other delicious junk food... But I heard that there weren't any cheerleaders, so that helped ease the blow. It also helps that Super Bowl Commercials just aren't what they use to be. {There's just too much pressure nowadays. Those Ad execs are clearly suffering from some serious performance anxiety...}

I AM, however, VERY SORRY that I missed watching Christina Aguilera over-sing the crap out of the National Anthem and then watching my father-in-law, Jim {a war veteran, and deep lover of our country's anthem} yell and throw things at the TV saying "Rackety Schmackety sing it straight! Oh look at me! Look at what a big, good, amazing singer I am. Look at me. Look at me! Sing. the. darn. thing. straight!"

An epic rant, I tell you. EPIC.

{Okay, he doesn't "technically" throw things... but he probably WANTS to, and I can't say I blame him. Have you heard that chick's Christmas album? Yikes. My ears were bleeding before the first song ended. Can you say "gratuitous run queen?" }

So, yeah.
I liked my day better.




Lisa Miller said...

OMG! She mangled that poor anthem. My jaw was on the floor! Andrew thought it sounded really good, but he has a head cold.

sostinkinhappy said...

It was...oh man, I can't even find anything nice to say about her performance. By the time she mangled the lyrics, my eyes had already glossed over and I had my fingers in my ears.

You had a much better day, trust me.

Tezzie said...

haha!! The fact that she screwed up the lyrics was even on the news here in Finland!LOL

I agree...your day looks WAY better than watching grown men run around a field with a football that needs to be carried and isn't even round ;D

And, oh...sweet Bella watching the kids take a bath; so cute!!!

April said...

Definitely looks like you had much better things to take care of :) Christina A. slaughtered the National Anthem! OF course, I'm not a huge fan of hers, anyway!

Life with Kaishon said...

How in the world can anyone NOT know the National Anthem. I mean seriously. That is ridiculous.

LOVE the bath playing babies : ) with the guard dog!

Blackwell said...

Who's that blubbery baby whale in the tub??? haha! Don't you just love watching your two kids play together in the tub?! It's one of my favorite things to do as a mom :o)

Emmy said...

Those pictures are adorable!! And your day does sound much much better. Plus I heard she messed up the words too. I didn't watch it either.