Wednesday, February 9, 2011



Today was just plain nuts.

The baby was up all night.
Kort was up {as usual} at the crack of dawn
{jeeeeust around the time when Baby Tens
decided to surrender to some heavy z's....of course.
They are in kahoots, I just know it.
Once I am safely locked away in an insane asylum,
they can have all the fruit snacks, doritos, and TV they want!
Wah ha ha ha... }

I make us some delicious breakfast burritos,
and we read scriptures at the table,
and we goof off just long enough to get "off track"
and have to rush to finish getting him ready for school.

Then, we race into the bathroom to comb his hair and...
In the bright bathroom lights, I notice that his right eye
is totally bloodshot and icky with eye goo.

Pink eye.

I break the {very sad} news to him
that he will not be attending school today.
He loves school,
and HATES to miss anything,
but takes this news rather well,
and for that I am grateful.

I comb his hair anyway.
{Because hey, we are already half-way done,
and if I am going to be looking at him all day,
he might as well look smashing.}


The baby wakes up.
Well, hello infant eyeballs full of icky goo!
Kid{s} plural is fun, isn't it?
These brothers are really good at sharing everything.
E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. I tell ya.

So, we go to the doctor,
get prescriptions,
go home,
take naps,
and then I carry Tentens all over the place with me,
because he outright refuses to be set down.

So I get nothing done.

I watch the craziest Dr. Phil ever.
{I don't ever watch Mr. Phil,
but there was random ballroom dancing on "Nate"
and there was a total nutter on Dr. Phil that was
the total equivalent of a train wreck from which I
could. not. look. away.}


Then I watched Oprah.
It was all about Soaps.
I have never watched a soap opera
in all my life,
yet I was riveted!

Susan Lucci is probably the cutest, sweetest, loveliest person in Hollywood.
I want to be her when I grow up.
{You know, sans all of the soap acting. I just want to have her super-kind spirit...}

Kortland and I ate our way through an entire box of Oh's cereal.
Have you had Oh's?
Oh's are delicious times a million times a billion.

Then I administered the kiddo's new eye drops.

Kort impressed himself with the "big boyness" with which he handled the discomfort.

Tennyson screamed bloody murder and made a squidgy-mad face that looked something akin the the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters a mere seconds before they exploded him all over the city of New York with those nifty ray guns.

{This made Kort feel even more big boyish and buff and stuff.}

The hubs got home from meetings and took over the Tennyson duties so I could, oh I don't know, dig my way out of 8 hours of sloth and sick babies...


And then, Tens crashed, and Kort started watching a movie, and I had a few quiet moments to return emails and catch up, and I visited my friend's blog and found this post. And boy, is it a gem.

{You want to go to there. Trust me.}

I love this girl.

She so gets it.
Not only does she "get it"
but she is gracious enough to share "it"
with the rest of us in the simple,
inspired voice
that she seems to have mastered.

That post perfectly sums up the feeling of today,
and adds beauty and puts into words
what I have felt and experienced as the day progressed.

Lots of eye boogers, tired kids, a messy house, and Oprah...

Even these are formidably good things.

So is cleaning it all up,
pulling together a simple, delicious dinner,
tucking freshly bathed kiddles into bed
and reading stories...


Ashley just said it all REALLY well.

SO WELL, in fact, that I thought it best that I ramble on and on and on about my day {in a round about way} in hopes of adequately expressing that very same sentiment.

{Then I thought better of it, and just gave you the dang link so you could go and enjoy her lovely, concise thoughts for yourself.

{you're welcome.}


Janine said...

Oh my gracious!!! What a day!!! Just sending you the biggest hug I can possibly send your way from South Africa to remind your heart that you are doing an amazing job as a wonderful mommy! May the rest of your week be covered in a whole lot of grace to keep carrying you!

the Lola Letters said...

Thanks Janine!
That comment does enough to lift me on it's own I think!