Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Change of plans, again.

So, my new friend Melynda and I were talking...

Can you believe that two days ago I was screaming at her, and now she is my friend and we were talking? {Well "email talking" but talking nonetheless} Life is so weird {and so great} that way. Can I just tell you that she is a beautiful person? Oh wow, I mean, you have no idea. Like, amazing, and smart, and kind, and jeez, it just leaves me thinking that my ego is a trixy little hobbit and he {yes, my ego is a he...obviously} almost ruined what I am sure is going to be a glorious friendship.

And Melynda and I were thinking that, we would let sleeping dogs lie on this one.

Adoption is... complex.


And we are both too tired, and too wary of it all to jump-start some sort of new debate. {a new debate that is actually a really, really, old debate, and shock of all has YET to find resolution on either side.}

And if we thought that some sort of supreme good would come of it,
then of course, we would go for it.

But we both agree that there is likely just another train wreck looming in the distance if we try to hold "the Adoption Symposium of 2010" right here on the Lola Letters.

There is a LOAD of information out there on all sides, and I would encourage you {should you feel so inclined} to explore it. You can delve in {hopefully with an open mind and a sensitive heart, yes?} take what feels right, leave what you can't process, and ask questions of "alternative adoption" bloggers {respectfully!} should they arise.

As for me, I have already learned a lot.
And I am eager to learn more.

I will be using much more sensitive language in the future, and from this day forward, I will strive to see things from another woman's point of view, regardless of how different it may be, should she take a moment to censure me in the comments section of the Lola Letters.

And, even if I decide that I simply cannot agree with whatever she might be saying, I will go ahead and not bite her head off, get on my high horse, and proceed to prance around my blog {for 3 to 6 pages} in an effort to rally me up sum dang dern troops to point and laugh at her for being so stupid and wrong! Ha ha! Yep, gonna go ahead and not do that.

Because I may be human, but I am also a powerful spiritual being, and THAT is the part of me that I want running my life, and NOT the ugly side of my "all-too-human" human nature thankyouverymuch.

Onward and upward, dear friends.
Onward and upward.