Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Tennyson Letters

Dear Babies of the World,

Beat that!




Tilton Bunch said...

All of my children TOTALLY did those sorts of blow outs! Gotta love those breast-fed poopies!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, oh yes my children have had many of those blowouts (some worse, filling all of the inside of the onesie and coming out the legs). The only thing I have ever found to keep it at a minimum, if blowing out, if at all, is pampers cruisers.. the best [disposable] diapers in the world for containing messes. Thank goodness for "under onesies", lol


Lindsay said...

And it always happens in the white onesie!

the Lola Letters said...

Tennyson says game on.
He is going to out poop ALL of them!


the Lola Letters said...

And Lindsay - ain't it the TRUTH!!!??

Too funny!

Natasha Ireland said...

ah hahahahahaha way to go BUDDDDY :) ps. love the new fam pics at the top of the blog. LOVE LOVE EM. hope to see u soon.