Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's tired in here.

{thanks nancy}

This could not be more true right now.


As if not having a full 8 (or 6, or 5) hours of sleep for the past 4 1/2 months isn't enough, I now have a horrendous sore throat/congested face/ raspy voice/horrible headache virus that just. won't. quit. Add to that a darling 7 year old boy who has literally been throwing up buckets {into empty ice cream buckets to be exact} all night. Add to that a four month old baby who is fighting a nasty little bug of his own and is therefore shifting around uncomfortably, and filling his diaper roughly every hour or so... add to that the fact that yesterday I ignited world war III on my blog {which is SUPPOSED to be a blog of goodness and joy, by the way} where I actually created and then facilitated an environment where women from all walks of life and completely different backgrounds were inclined to spew hatred and intolerance at one another... why? Well, because I set the standard.

Awesome. Go me.

So, we are gonna have a do over.
Go to the post below this-a-one and get up to speed.
{I mean, you know, if you wanna...}

Please note: Melynda and I are "TOTALLY OVER" that whole mess,
but reading it will help you see where we've been,
and at the end of it all, I will tell you where we are headed.
Hope you'll join us for the ride.

Now, I'm off to change my 20th poopy diaper,
cough a lung into my kitchen sink,
retrieve and wash out yet another full throw up bucket
snuggle with the Kortmeister
and PRAY for an hour of sleep here or there.
{What? isn't that what YOU do at 1:20 a.m.?}


Visual Notes said...

Well it's 4 am and little one is not going to sleep *sigh*.

I hope everyone starts to feel better. Poor Kort. As for you, here's to sleep.

the Lola Letters said...

And here's to sleep for you too Salma! (However, I get the feeling that Mr. Rainbow is worth every lost second of it ;) He is seriously so beautiful, I cannot get over it.

Barbaloot said...

Are you doing comments again? Where was I when that happened? Sounds like an intense week over at your house---and on the blog!

Kristina P. said...

So, I totally haven't even been clicking over to your blog because I thought you turned off comments!!

And this is the weekend I hope to sleep for 48 hours in a row.

Jen Nelson said...

Seriously! What is this head/throat/cold yucky crap going on?!?! I have felt awful for a week and just when I think I'm starting to feel better I wake up feeling worse! Yuck! I think Kell has been dealing with a flu bug too :(

I hope you guys get feeling better!

love you!

"Miss Kris" said...

Oh my goodness, Laura! I'm so sorry. Hang in there. We're thinking of ya.