Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dear Cash4Gold.Com,

Stop BRAINWASHING my child!



A conversation:

(Kortland clanging and pulling at the gold bangle bracelets I wore to church today...)

Kortland: Mom, you lied to me.
Lola: What?! No I didn't!
Kortland: Yes-huh. Wanna know what you lied to me about?
Lola: Yes.
Kortland: When I asked if you had any gold I could sell, you said no, but these bracelets are gold. I could have taken them in and sold them for a thousand...maybe even a million dollars!
Lola: Um, no bud. These aren't real gold. Not even close.
Kortland: Yes they are. They are gold. We could make SO MUCH MONEY!
Lola: No, they aren't real, and even if they were real, Cash4Gold would rip me off for them.
Kortland: Nu-uh! They will pay you the most for your broken and unwanted gold. More than ANYONE else!

Dear Qubo Channel,

I hate you.



Life with Kaishon said...

Oh whatever Lola. You can't trick me....I know those bracelets are way valuable : )

imemary said...

Tell Kortland about THIS amazing deal:

Lee Ann said...

I also hate Cash for Gold! They are everywhere...I was even invited to a party that was all about "buying your old jewelry". Well, the bottom line is..I'm keeping my old jewelry...Gold, Gold Colored or plastic. I love it all!

Things only have the value that we give them.

I value my "stuff" more than some scam artists out for a quick gold buck!

Heather said...

Have him watch the documentary on ksl where they totally busted the .com gold places- it's better to cash in your gold locally!
(My kids have all the qubo infomercials memorized as well. Boo.)