Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ask Lola. (It's baaaaack!)

{No, he doesn't have anything to do with this post... but he sure is nummy!}

Remember when we played "Ask Lola"?

...And remember how I got asked a sex question that made me write a twenty page answer?
That was awesome. (Sort of).

...Well, I didn't answer a bunch of the other questions that were asked cause my "relationship" post was taking too long! (Sorry about that.)

...Then I couldn't answer any of my "Formspring" questions because I lost my password and couldn't get into my own account! ha ha! (Yeah, I'm super ditsy like that.)

But now I want to answer more questions!

My new rule (for me)?
I have to keep answers to a few short paragraphs.
No more gigantic orations for Lola!

The old rules?
1. You must ask anonymously.
2. Anything goes (but I reserve the right to ignore you if you ask something bum-hole-ish. I'm just saying...)
3. If I didn't answer your question last time, re-ask it and I promise I will get to it this time!
4. You can ask questions in the comments section, OR you can ask via my handy-dandy "formspring" thing at the top-right hand side of this blog. (I have the password this time - and I won't forget it! At least I think I won't...)

So start asking!

*There is absolutely NOTHING that qualifies me to answer questions or give advice... but doesn't that make it so much more fun?

Here were the questions left on my Formspring from EIGHT MONTHS ago when I lost the password and couldn't get into my account to read them...until now. (Again, sorry about that.)

when it comes to finances, is it better to spend the money on vacations and such to make the life long memories or to horde and not do much or go out much until you can afford it?

Disclaimer: This is an answer coming from a girl who drives a pedophile van because she would rather have financial freedom (translation: regular sushi nights out with the girls) than a car payment.

Absolutely better to spend it doing things that you love. That's not to say that you should spend ALL of your money and live dangerously close to losing your home at any moment, of course. There is a balance. But the real question we should be asking ourselves is:

Who says that I am guaranteed the privilege of being here tomorrow (and the next day and the day after that?).

Answer: No one says that. Because there are no guarantees. We have today. That's it. So yeah, I'm all about the Carpe Diem when it comes to money. (Smart, reasonable Carpe Diem, but Carpe Diem nonetheless. Wait, did I just oxymoronize the term Carpe Diem? Yep. And I'm not even sorry.)

Where do I find the answers to the questions you get asked?

Right here onThe Lola Letters blog! (Did I just link to myself on my own blog? Yep. That jeeeeust happened. Totally did.)

WooHoo! I'm glad you got a formspring. I've loved participating in these things. I've read your blog for awhile, and I want to know how you stay SO skinny??! Are you an exerciser??

Yay! Thank you for calling me skinny! Sure, you did it BEFORE I was swollen and pregnant, and BEFORE I was all sorts of postpartum and such, but I will TAKE IT!

Sadly, (and annoyingly) no. I am not an exerciser. I am one of those really obnoxious people who has skinny grandparents, and skinny parents, and pretty much just hyper, skinny little genes that say "burn baby burn" to my metabolism at all hours of the day making it possible for me to eat pizza, cheeseburgers, and Milky Way Minis to my heart's content. I HAVE dieted and exercised in the past (Why? Because I am crazy.) and it pretty much just messed me up and gave me food issues. (If I tell myself, "You can't have THAT." I immediately feel deprived and start obsessing about having THAT to the point where I am miserable and it's all that I can think about. So, I've found that Intuitive Eating is the only healthy way for me to approach food.)

So, I stay reasonably small with reasonably no effort on my part. If it makes you feel any better though... I have freckles. And when I get pregnant, I get huge pigmented spots on my face (aka pregnancy mask) as a result of those freckles...and that kinda stinks. Also, I was depressed in high school (because I sort of really hated it for the most part...all the time) and so I was pretty chubby. (Hey, even skinny genes can't fight off a classic and powerful case of bitterness and low self-esteem!)

What is one beauty product you can't live without?

Hmmmm. Tough one.


No seriously, I think the thing that has done the absolute MOST to make me beautiful, is finding a husband that truly thinks that I am. (Even in my bathrobe with messy hair and 2 day old mascara.) That just does a girl good, inside and out.

I know, I know, we shouldn't "need" a man to make us feel beautiful or "complete" or whatever. But, I would be lying if I tried to tell you that anything in my life has been more impactful (not a real word) than his love for me... so there it is, in all of it's blechy goodness.

See? I can follow through!
I can keep it to short paragraphs!
So ask me some more!
It will be fun!


Anonymous said...

How did you deal with the "longing" and emotions of infertility before your sweet angel #2? You've probably talked about it on here, but I am only a sometimes blogger and probably missed it.

Anonymous said...

I asked this before but didn't get an answer. My friend's husband is SO ANNOYING! He thinks he's funny, but he's not, and he talks so loud over everyone. We don't invite them to go out anymore because he is miserable to be around, and the wost part is, she thinks he is just great!

Do I tell her how I feel, or just keep it to myself?

Anonymous said...

How did you meet your hubby? How did you know he was, you know, "The One"?

Anonymous said...

Who do you want to be Utah's next governor?

Anonymous said...

Have you been watching "Sister Wives?" I heard that the state might prosecute them now. Do you think they should get into trouble for living the way they do?

Anonymous said...

My husband and I have just started going back to church (we've both been inactive for 10 years) Currently he's advancing in the Preisthood. Going through this process with him is making me feel like my role as a woman in the church isn't as important as his.
During meetings with the bishop and missionaries they hardly even talk to me or have me set goals or work on anything. I feel ignored.
All the focus is on my husband.
I feel like all I'm suppose to do is provide meals and smile. AND I HATE THAT!!!!!!
Is this normal?

Jen Nelson said...

How did you get so awesome??

Aw crap... I was supposed to post this anon huh?

I'm really impressed/surprised you kept your answers so short!!!