Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tub Time for Tentens (and some updates).


1. Tentens had his 2 week appointment with our pediatrician yesterday and here is his progress:

* At Birth: 6 lb 15 oz
* At 2 Weeks: 7 lbs 9 oz
* At Birth: 19 inches
* At 2 weeks: 21 inches

*His belly button needed a little help (it was bleeding a lot, so they put medicine on it that made it stop). Worked like a charm.

*He got the green light to have REAL baths (yay!)

* He was a total champ when they pricked his little heel for the 2nd part of his PKU screening. (And I didn't feel like punching out the perfectly innocent nurse who did the pricking, so we BOTH made progress there!)

*Tentens has a clogged tear duct that is agitated and making lots and lots of eyeball goo that bugs him, and goops up his cute little lashes, and tries to seal his eyelid shut from time to time, and UNFORTUNATELY, it can take up to a YEAR to unclog! How silly is that? Oh well, we will power through.

* After the appointment, Tentens fell fast asleep in his car seat and the hubs ran in and picked up some Cafe Rio during a total downpour and he brought it out to the pedophile van so that I didn't have to drag the baby out in the rain. And I have to say, it was really quite romantic (you know, in a white trash, awesome sort of way...). We snuggled up in the far back seat and listened to the rain, and snarfed pork salad and talked and laughed. sort of great, I must say.

{LOVE the random kick-y foot in this shot!}

2. You know how I totally freaked out about breastfeeding the other day?
Well, the great news is, that was the peak. It has been wonderfully "downhill" ever since I hit publish on that last post. The pain has almost completely subsided. (yay!) And I can't even tell all of you how much your words of calm reassurance (and understanding) helped. You were all SO RIGHT, ad I appreciate you for taking time to help me feel better. It's amazing that we mothers are on such similar journeys, and I think it is even more amazing when we take time to lift and help one another along the way - and that is EXACTLY what y'all did for me - so, thank you. (Mushy, but true.)


3. I had not one, but TWO amazing people magically show up at my house today and clean it's guts out. I don't think I will ever know what I did to deserve having such wonderful people in my fact, I don't know that I did anything at all, but I sure am lucky. Thanks soooo much Natasha and Cristi! I should have complete mental breakdowns on facebook and my blog more often. (You know, if it means getting craploads of baby laundry folded and bathrooms scrubbed to perfection...I might just have to have postpartum meltdowns more often! ;) I should also take this time to thank my mom (who has been BEYOND wonderful) and my sis-in-law Rachelle. They both have done so much for me over the past 2 weeks. I love my family. And don't you just love starting Sunday morning with a SPOTLESSLY clean house? Oh man, there is very little that I love more than that.


Tezzie said...

So glad it's going better with the breast're such a trooper; I gave up after only 3 days with my first and didn't even try with my second (selfish wimp, I know!!)

And, awesome you have such wonderful people in your life :D...don't know that my house has EVER been spotlessly clean on a Sunday...or on any other day, for that matter ;D LOL

Mandy said...

YAY! He's getting so big already! :) And I'm glad that feeding him has gotten easier. Sometimes it can be SO hard to do when it hurts you!

YAY for Cafe Rio with the hubby and friends who come clean houses!!! :) Nothing better!

Nisa said...

Oh my gosh, he is a beautiful baby! I love that kick too! And he's growing so fast already. What's up with that?! What a sweet little boy!

Lee Ann said...

Don't have a melt down to get people to help you...just have a beautiful baby boy! Yeah. You are blessed with great friends (and family) right? He is beautiful, just like Kort. Can't wait to meet him in person. See you soon

Natasha Ireland said...

LOVE YOU!! Glad the nursing is going so much better. :)

"Miss Kris" said...

Laura, if that's how it works, I'm gonna have postpartum, too! Do you think I'll get away with it, being a single student who has never had a baby in her life? Let me know. I want someone to clean my house soon. Thanks! ;)

Glad everything is getting better for you. And I'm glad you connected with the white trash romance--there's nothing like it in the world. ;)