Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I can't believe that my favorite part of the nursery is actually here.









* Kort is talking too much in class and getting into trouble for it...I'm tempted to be frustrated, but honestly, I'm even more tempted to be grateful that we made it a whole week before his "overly-social-behavioral-problems" started... with my energy level and current emotional state, I'm inclined to take what I can get! He also lost his Spiderman lunch box today. All I have to say to that is...well...bygones.

* Nursing is still really hurting on the right side, but at least it's manageable. The left side feels FINE now. How cool is that?

*Tentens is sleeping for a FIVE hour block now from 1:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.! Yay! I LOVE it! (Needless to say.) It is so great. We had a little hiccup on Sunday night where I only got an hour and a half the. whole. night. But, MERCIFULLY, he went right back to sleeping a five hour block. I feel like that amount of sleep is allowing me to operate sanely throughout the day.

*Tentens has TOTALLY grown out of his newborn stuff. I can't believe he is growing so fast! It's a great reminder to cherish every moment I have with Tiny-Tentens...because this stage is so, so terribly fleeting.

*Tennyson cried a little bit here and there during his first week of life, and now, he cries pretty much not at all. He puts out a few whimpers and cries when he's ready to eat, but that's the extent of it and I am SO grateful for that! We didn't think there was any chance of getting another baby who was as sweet and easy going as Kort was (and we had prepared ourselves for that) but, lo and behold, he is awesome! Yay for that.

* I have the best husband in the world. I don't know how women who have total turds for husbands do this. I guess they are just a lot cooler and stronger than I am... He is my rock, and the cutest dad ever. Tens is a huge fan, and so am I.

*Hot, hot, hot, H.O.T. and long, long, long, L.O.N.G showers are my very best friends.

*I haven't gotten dressed or "ready for the day" for 4 days straight now. I don't "do" anything other than nurse, rest, change a diaper, rest, nurse, load the dishwasher, take a nap, change a diaper, nurse, repeat... Sometimes this makes me feel guilty and like I am not contributing anything to our family...and like I am lazy. Then, I have to remind myself that I am single-handedly keeping a person alive every day. A p.e.r.s.o.n.(and a really, really cute one at that.) And that is enough for me. I may have to remind myself of this fact a lot, but it really IS significant when I stop to think about it.



Lindsay said...

Cute! Cute! I love the helicopter onesie. He is a perfect little guy:)

likeschocolate said...

I have to say that is the cutest boy sleeper I have ever seen. Makes me want to have another boy, but I have three a little pink wouldn't be to bad.

Jen Nelson said...

Um yeah. Love him. Love you. Where did you get that hat? Is it knit? I need to learn how to knit...

5 hour stretches are amazing!! Yay! Good luck with Kort! Bryton was still getting in trouble for talking to much until 6th grade!!

Emma said...

That onesie is adorable... but the baby in it is even more divine!