Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's tired in here.

Wow, I've never been "this pregnant" before.
Kort was born 8 days before his due date.
This means that I'm officially five days more pregnant than I ever was with Kort.
Five days "more pregnant" and seven whole years older...
Being this pregnant (and old) is exhausting!
And no, I'm not complaining, just documenting.
I wouldn't have believed it was possible for a healthy 29 year old to be so weak and tired...

The "false-labor/braxton-hicks-or-whatever" contractions woke me at 6:00 this morning
and that "nest-y to do list" formed in my head (yet again)
and finally ran me out of bed by 7:00.

I then composed a list of very important things to clean:
Door knobs.
The base boards.
The back patio.
The ladder to Kort's loft bed.
The railings on the stair case...
The second story windows...from the outside
(don't worry mom, the hubs has confiscated my ladder until further notice).

You know perfectly normal, everyday things that need a good weekly scrubbing.

That's all.

Two hours into my list, I was exhausted.
I dragged myself back to bed at 9:00 and collapsed.
I slept until 1:30.

Now I am awake, but too tired to pick up where I left off on the list.
(and really, what ever am I going to do if I have to bring BB home to spotty windows and a dusty stair rail? Shhhhh, crazy pregnant brain, he just may survive and love you anyway...)

So I am eating popsicles
and watching Mad Men (shame on you, Don Draper)
and thinking about how evil/sad the late 1950s/early 60s were.
For women anyway...
Ohhhh the chauvinism.
Oh for the love of disgusting, degrading, near-horrifying male-chauvinism.
Oh well, the amazing clothing and iconic women (Jackie...Marilyn...) almost made up for it I suppose. (Yeah, I'm still deep like that... in my defense, I did say almost.)

In other thoughts, can you believe that a microscopic little embryo, grows into a baby, who grows into a sassy toddler, who grows into a charming little pre-schooler, who grows into a sassy, toothless 2nd grader (yes, with a Batman tattoo on his forehead) that you love so much that sometimes you wonder if your heart is going to explode? No wonder people want so many of them...


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Maddy said...

Wow!! I can't believe you're only days away from having a baby!! I guess I came by in the nick of time ;o) Not sure if you got my email, but I sent it to you last night. Again, thank you so much & I am bursting with excitement over here!! Can't wait to start :)

BTW- Everyone keeps saying to watch Mad Men...I may just have to pick it up to see what all the fuss is about!

Have a great weekend!