Wednesday, August 4, 2010

hypnobirthing and such...

My awesome friend Celeste was recently interviewed by the Ogden Standard Examiner about her experience with natural delivery via the use of hypnobirthing, and guess who got a lil' shout out?

Yep, me!

You can read it here.
You can also see AMAZING photographs of her AMAZING birth here.

Man, it sort of makes me wish that I lived even reasonably close to McKay-Dee Hospital so that I could go enjoy one of their pimped-out birthing suites. That's okay though. American Fork Hospital was amazing last time, and I'm far less likely to birth a baby in the car while trying to get there "in time!"

By the way, do any of you have questions about natural birth?

(And no, I'm not trying to push it on you...)
I just realized that I'm blabbing about it a lot, and that people may have questions.
A lot of people are definitely intrigued by the concept
(you know, while others are just plan horrified/baffled at the very thought
"Why on earth would you want to FEEL that?!").

You can ask me anonymously.

You can even ask me sassy stuff like "What, do you think you're better than all other women just because you did it "naturally" or whatever?!" You know, if you're the sassy/angry type.

There is a good chance that you will be hearing a lot about it in the near future anyway,
as I am just about to do it again (and I am so excited!!) so you might as well at least get the information YOU want out of it while we're on the subject :)


Celeste said...

I am glad you're doing this. A guy that used to be in my ward commented on facebook that when they talked to people about hypnobirthing they would be all negative & icky about it, so they quit talking. It's not all voodoo-hoodoo like some people think, nor is it "against our religion" like certain people assumed once (not my very own mother. Yes, her).
Laura = rockstar.

Anonymous said...

I was really nervous about having my baby, so I took the hypno-birthing classes. I loved them and really wanted to have a natural birth. One thing got in the way.... My doctor! I did this late in my pregnancy and when I approached my doctor he literally seemed upset and offended! WHAT!?! I was so close to my due date no other doctor would take me as a patient. He was a total jerk and broke my water without telling me he was going to and put me on high dose patosin his reasoning was he had office hours tomorrow! So why am I telling you this story? If someone out there is considering hypno-birthing make sure you find a doctor that is supportive and willing to go through the process with you. That was baby #1 for me and hopefully someday I will get the chance to do things differently.

Kestrel said...

Hey, I read that article when I was in Ogden yesterday! I was born in the old McKay-Dee and I wish I could have a child be born in the new one. For you know, awesomeness sake and all. Plus the natural birthing suite looks amazing. Too bad I am done.

Malolo Family said...

AWESOME!!! I did hypnobirthing as well with Tejia and I LOVED the experience!! I didn't know you were doing it!! Good for you!!
I just hope I get the chance to do it again! I had a doctor who was very understanding about it and I delivered at Timp. hospital. My doctor hadn't had a patient who had done hypnobirthing before so I was her first and she was impressed!
I really enjoyed the natural birthing process. There were some people who thought I was crazy for wanting, and actually doing it, and then, they couldn't believe I did it, and I would do it again in a heartbeat! I would love to hear about yours in the near future!!
Best of wishes to you and your baby!

Nisha said...

I'm all for natural birth and home birth. I have experienced both extremes - induced with epidural and home drugfree. It was only hard for a few hours at home, but the recovery was so amazing. I can't wait to hear your whole story and see this baby!