Thursday, July 1, 2010

A thought or 29 (Don't worry, some of them are really short.)

1. My iron levels have hit an all-time low. (My hematocrit level dropped 3 more percentage points over the last 2 weeks.) All of the nasty-irons pills I've been popping over the past 2 months (that have made me feel pretty much like garbage) have been for nothing. Boo to that.

2. Kort got his stitches out. It was a little freaky for him to have some random girl coming at his face with a razor-sharp fish hook-looking thing, (see?)
but we got through it. It's looking pretty good. A little funky at the top of the lip "peak" that was cut through...but time will tell. He's pretty dang cute anyway though. And such a great boy.

3. I finally made a big ole "gourmet-ish" dinner for my boys (with a fancy, Pecorino Romano Cheese that may or my not have permanently stunk up the hubs's hand since he is the official grater of fancy-schmancy cheese round these parts) and Kort had a really hard time adjusting to the idea of NOT eating PB&J in front of the TV. He was mad. He did NOT want to have delightful family conversation at a beautifully (if I do say so myself) set table with yummy food. This entire concept is somewhat foreign to him...which makes me feel like I am sort of failing as a mother. So there it is. I'm working on it.

4. I'm still so overwhelmed with our gigantic home improvement "to do" list, that I'm just thinking that I have to not think about it right now.

5. At my doctor's appointment today, a fellow prego girl who was getting her blood pressure reading the same time I was, (and who had the craziest "outtie" I had ever seen...not that that has anything to do with anything... but it was kinda a crazy sight to behold...awesome, really.) was talking to the nurse and the nurse said "So, do you have the nursery ready and everything?" And she said "Oh yes, we're pretty much set." And I was SO. DARN. JEALOUS. Don't really know what else to say about it. Jealous. Nesty, crazy, and pretty much just super jealous that her nesting was complete and mine has only just begun... with 5 measly little weeks to spare, no less!

6. Also at my doctor's appointment today, I went to read an article in a baby magazine that sounded really exciting and fun and creative only to find that it was ripped out, and I thought "Bummer!" and "How rude!" (even though I have totally done the same thing...not gonna lie ;)

7. I really love the hubs for grating that Pecorino and making his hand eternally stinky. (Like, dipped his hand into "the bog of eternal stench" stinky.) He is so great.

8. I took a huge nap today. No iron in my blood makes it sleepy in here.

9. Kortland had a peanut butter and agave sandwich and then came and got in bed for a snuggle. His breath smelled like peanut butter. Now I am craving peanut butter and I have to go make a sandwich too.

10. I overcooked the asparagus today.

11. The hubs bought me a big ol' bag of Milky Way mini's a few weeks ago. I eat one little one ~very slowly~ every night after dinner. The hubs is the flipping best. And those Milky Ways taste like love.

12. My hormones are feeling crazy. I get really sad sometimes. I feel really suffocated and overwhelmed a lot... I try to just remember that it's not me, and it's not "my life"that is wrong...and that there's not REALLY anything wrong at all because it's just an illusion stemming from crazy hormones.

13. So You Think You Can Dance kind of stinks this summer. When are people going to learn that "if it ain't broke, you REALLLLLLLLY shouldn't try and "fix" it." Cause then you just make it lame.

14. Baby Bob has the hiccups. Fetus hiccups definitely make my "Top Ten" list of the cutest things ever.

15. I am so. darn. tired.

16. Wait, did I already say that?

17. I did, didn't I?

18. See how tired I am?

19. Well, I'm not complaining. (In case you were thinking that I was complaining, cause I'm totally not. For reals. Seriously.) Because

20. I get to have a baby.

21. A wiggly, gurgle-y, delicious little baby.

22. The excitement is keeping me up at night.

23. Well, the excitement AND the rib kicks...

24. and the constant urination...

25. but mostly the excitement,

26. and the pure, giddy, all-consuming joy.

27. So I'm not complaining. I'm just rambling.

28 . (obviously).

29. The hubs just put his stinky cheese hand in front of my nose and I dry-heaved a little. Then we laughed, like, really hard. Flaring nostrils hard. Poor guy. Stinky cheese hand is no fun at all. But it is sort of funny.


Kristina P. said...

I don't even really know what agave is.

Suki said...

No worries, you'll be set in time. I just know it :)
This precious baby boy will have a wonderful home and a woderful family. Keep your head up !