Sunday, July 4, 2010

oh. my. sick. (AND a little "oh my cute" to balance it out a bit)

Bubbuh is terrified of loud noises.
This is probably an understatement.
So, you can imagine how miserable the 4th of July weekend is for him.
(Especially when it stretches out for three flipping days.)
So far, he has spent the better part of the last 2 days
under my feet,
at the side of my bed,
and even in the bath tub.
Yep, the bath tub.

So, when it comes time for him to go out on the deck to eat his dinner,
and then run down into the yard and have his night-time potty break,
he is NOT interested.
Not when fireworks are wreaking havoc in the streets.
He would rather starve, and "hold it."
(Yes, even for 18-24 hours straight.)
So, the hubs and I have to go out on the deck with him.
And we have to walk down into the yard
and wait while he goes potty.
Then we say "Good potty Bubbuh!"
over and over again...
in baby voices.
(Yep, we really do.)

This is where the "oh my sick" comes in.
I was walking back into the house, when I stepped on something...
...with bare feet.
It felt like a plump, juicy grape.
I searched my memory bank,
praying that I would remember Kort taking
a bowl of grapes out onto the deck earlier that day.
He didn't go out back today.
No chance of stray grapes.
"Oh no." I said.
"What's wrong?" The hubs asked.
"I stepped on something that felt like a grape."
"Oh." The hubs said,
(instantly "smelling what I was steppin' in" and such)
(Good one, Lola.)
*Pats self on back.*
So, I step to the side.
But not your ordinary, run of the mill spider.
Oh no.
A big old fatty.
A "size of Texas" (or something close) kind of fatty.
He was black, and hairy,
and considerably juicier than most grapes.
messed. up.
oh. my. sick.
Thinking about it still makes me shudder.
(Okay, it happened like, 15 minutes ago,
so the memory is still pretty fresh, but seriously?

On a lighter note...

I did my last official photo-shoot before Baby Bob comes.
And it was of one of my best friends.
And she is so great.
(Not to mention so pretty...
and one of the nicest people ever...)
We had our first babies together.
I gave birth to Kort,
and then she had her TWINS 8 days later.
Then, she had another little boy shortly thereafter.
Then we both had fun bouts of "secondary infertility"
for four and five years.
Then we both got pregnant again.
(How awesome is that!?)
Only she is cooler than me.
Because she is having triplets.
(Yep, that's what I just said. T to the R to the I to the PLETS!!!!!!)
She is so hard core.
I feel cool just saying that I know her.
So here she is, as pictured Through Lola's Lens.
I'm so happy for her and her sweet family.
If anyone can love and nurture and adore 3 new babies
(all at the same time) to is this girl.
Those are 3 lucky babies...


Life with Kaishon said...

She is beautiful Lola! 3 babies. All at once. Oh my goodness : ) God bless her : ). She looks fantastic. How the heck are all of you girls so skinny? I know you don't like when people tell you that you are...but I am just SO DARN JEALOUS. Wow. She looks fabulous. Just like you look fabulous.

PS SO sorry about the 'grape stepping' incident. ICK!

Lisa Miller said...

Kristen is so fabulous (and so is her green top!) Lucky babies indeed.

~j. said...

Hooray! Nice post.

Jen Bird said...

I can't believe you took these! I love them!! So much that I would almost hang one in my house! ;) Beautiful!!

Karen Deborah said...

Your friend is gorgeous and bet she isn't due yet. Triplets is a ton of work! She sure does look happy has the pregnant bliss look- so sweet.

stepping on a big icky spider with your bare feet?


I would still be freakin flippin out.

Tilton Bunch said...

How cute is that! And wanna know the funniest thing EVER?!... I saw the cutest random family walking into Toys-R-Us or Babies-R-Us on Friday while I was headed to the Distribution Center in Orem and I thought, "WOW! That pregnant Mom looks FABULOUS and her kids are all cute and even seem to match some..." And then I saw then here on your page. In those very outfits I saw them wearing as they crossed the parking lot in front of me... How random is that? Random, but awesome, because I saw those outfits in entirety and I LOVED her green shorts/capris with the ruffles on the bottom. CUTE!!!

Scott and Jillian said...

Beautiful pictures! Let your friend know that there is an *awesome* mothers of multiples club in the Valley. Lyndsie's actually the president of it. It's called Utah Valley Mothers of Multiples (UVMOM). The ladies in that club are the best! or search on Facebook. :D

May said...

eww eww eww!!! to the spider!! I would have freaked out!! your friend is all aglow with the pregnancy!! Wishing you both ladies all the best!!!

Ashley Sisk said...

What a beautiful family - I can only hope that I'm that pretty whenever I get pregnant. Great work! Oh, and my cat is terrified of storms so I completely understand about hiding because of loud noises.

Shantelle said...

These pictures are too die for! Love everything about them. I can't believe how adorable she is! She makes being pregnant seem way too glamorous! ha! I hope I look half as good when I am pregannt with one! You are an incredible photographer!

Laurie said...

She is splendid and beautiful. In Honduras, motherhood is akin to sainthood. VERY important. Celebrating life should be important. Thanks for showing the beauty of new life waiting to emerge.

the Lola Letters said...

Dear blogger,
Where are all those comments that have been emailed to me? You are so weird sometimes...

Malolo Family said...

your friend is incredibly pretty as well as you and your pregnant photos. And the "Oh my sick", I can relate to, NOT so fun, just ew ew ewwww.
Oh, and just answereing your ? on my blog, our pup is a pug and a min-pin mix, a "muggins" we call him Boozer, he is a cutie.