Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm going. (You should too.)

The Justin Hackworth 30 Strangers Event is tomorrow.
I went last year.
I loved it.
There were images displayed at the exhibit last year
that actually choked me up.
(This is no easy feat.)
There is something about mothers, and daughters, and grandmothers
and generations coming together in a small, intimate space
and being captured by Justin's unbelievably raw,
yet unbelievably trained lens that gets me right in the throat.
(You know, the thing where you're like:
"I'm really touched and sort of want to bawl,
but I'm going to hold all of that emotion right here in my throat
and keep it to myself so as not to make everyone else here
utterly weirded out and uncomfortable?"

You know, that thing?
Well that is what his images do to me.)
I don't know where one orders a "lens of almighty truth"
but Mr. Hackworth seems to have one of the best ones on the market.
So I am going.
And, I sort of feel like I am waiting for Christmas.
Yes, he is that good.
Last year, I made a donation and received a session with Justin in return.
This is what I got:


Is it any wonder I m a fan?
You should go.
See you there.

1 comment:

Suki said...

If I could I would come.
Awesome pictures and yes, he is kinda a god for taking this awesome pictures of you and your boy.

Love the pictures of you and Kort. They are so full of emotion ad sentiment.
Have fun!