Sunday, June 6, 2010

Why I love being the mother of boys. Reason #1

Lola finally gets around to cleaning out Kort's school bag:
"Hey Bud, what is all this?"
"Oh, those are just my school supplies from my desk."
"What happened to the eraser on your pencil?"
"I bit it off."
"Oh. What happened to the wrapping on your crayons?"
"I ripped them all off."
"Wow, okay... Well, where did the rest of these erasers go?"
"Some of them I bit off...some of them I ripped up...and some of them I ate a little bit."
(Said in a matter of fact way, as if this were the most normal thing in the world.)


Frau said...

Too cute...boys just say it like it is! They look well knowing he enjoyed is school supplies using them, playing with them and tasting well spent. Have a wonderful start to summer.

Avie said...

This made me laugh out loud. I teach secondary school kids and if anything they just get worse! Lovely pictures as usual.

Lindsay said...

Oh...this made my morning! So funny.

Jeff and Jessie said...

hahaha-yep he's a boy.
And I love how matter of fact he says it-I mean come on-don't we all eat our erasers????

Serline said...

My son is 13 and his bag is not much better...