Monday, June 7, 2010

Today...I am making a Summer BUCKET list!

Have you heard of them?
It's where you make a big old list about all of the awesome things you definitely want to do this summer, cut the list into strips, put the strips into a BUCKET, and draw out an activity a couple of times a week. Then you go and do whatever activity you pull! How genius is that? Love, love this idea. (You can always pull the activity the night before so that you can plan for it and have something to look forward to.)
We went to the reservoir and had a blast. I am thinking that our lovely little Res needs to have several duplicate entries in the Summer Bucket, at least 15 of them...since, you know, it's Kort's most favorite place on the planet these days!
He found 5 dead fish along the banks, and strung them onto a stick, carefully collecting them like flowers...or coins..or candy.
A mixture of cousins and friends. How funny ( and treasured) will this group shot be 15 years from now?

...And how treasured are these shots of me and my boy(S) like ...right now?
Answer: Very treasured indeed.


Go to the Zoo
Go to Discovery Gateway
Go to the Aquarium
Go to Thanksgiving Point
Go to the Bean Museum
Go to Seven Peaks Water Park

Go Bowling
Miniature Golf
Go on a picnic
Go to an outdoor movie
Go for ice cream
Visit a playground
Visit a playground
Visit a playground
Go to the Art City Museum
Go to an activity day at the library
Visit Krispy Kreme
Fire Station Tour
Go to yard sales
Go berry picking
Have an art party
Roast marshmallows
Have a backyard campout
Make popsicles
Make s’mores
Make wind chimes
Go to the duck pond
Go to the Reservoir
Go to the Reservoir
Go to the Reservoir
Go to the Reservoir
Go to the Reservoir
Go to the Reservoir
Go to a fun Swimming Pool

What's going onto YOUR Summer Bucket List?
...and what does YOUR "Today" look like?


Angela said...

What a great idea!! And fabulous photos

Emily said...

The summer bucket list is such a great idea! We might have to make one here, too. As for those pictures--oooohhh, treasured indeed!

Buckeroomama said...

I love those pictures of you with Kort --beautiful!! :) Your idea of a summer bucket list? Sounds just wonderful. I know J would think it's so cool.

Life with Kaishon said...

What a fabulous idea Lola! LOVE it

: ) I am getting so excited to do some fun things with the kids. I love Summer. Love it. Love it. LOVE it!

Laurie said...

Fishing pics make great memories. We have them in my parent's family. And my bucket list for the kids in my project? More modest since I have almost 100.... grow a veggie garden, visit the kid's museum in the city, and some will go bowling (honestly can't afford lane fees for all). Also we are putting on a drama on Friday for the moms. That's cool. And so is this blog. Coolness.

Frau said...

Great bucket look so cute pregnant! When is your due date? do you know what you are having?

Barbaloot said...

Those pictures of you and Kort (and Baby Bob) are too cute!

Bunch of Barrons said...

Those pictures are absolutely precious. And I love the summer bucket list idea. Gonna have to do that!

the Lola Letters said...

Frau - we're having a boy, and we have 8 weeks to go!!

Avie said...

Fantastic! I just love this idea. Posting about it tomorrow. Thank you!

Amie said...

Very inspiring idea and you're a very inspiring and ambitious person to commit to it and do it!

Jen Nelson said...


I think instead of making my own bucket list I'm just going to invite myself to go with you!

I need to go to that reservoir!!

You look so cute :)

Kestrel said...

Oh pppplease tell me when you go to Thanksgiving Point! We have a membership so we would love to meet up with you and party on. They have delicious eclairs, you know.

Serline said...

Great idea! I will start working on mine... maybe tomorrow... how about the weekend?

Mandy said...

YAY for pics of Kort and Baby Bob! :) Can't wait til he's here!