Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Duck Pond, and a conversation with a frighteningly lazy 6 year old.

Um, we went to the duck pond and found very few ducks...
It seems that the Seagulls and Carp may have run them off.
This is Kort with our cute neighbor girl.
Kort finds Carp feeding to be ever so much more delight-some than duck feeding, but I can't say that I agree.
On another note, nothing quite says summer like painted faces and Kool-aid hair streaks, yes?
I especially enjoyed this part...where I got to sit in the shade and watch the kids play in a little stream. Can you believe this view? So lovely...
And then some scruffy little otter-like creature showed up on the far bank, stuffed his mouth full of grass, and then hauled his little cookies across the stream to "feather (or grass, in this case) his little nest."
I decided to take an updated shot of Baby Bob. (Well, and me...as we are sort of inseparable at the moment.) Here he is. 32 weeks baby! 8 weekes to go...how will I get it all done in time?
When we got home, I was hot and very tired. I told Kort he could have a drink and watch PBS kids for a bit while I rested... so, I got him set up and went and collapsed on the bed. Not even 10 minutes later, this is what went down:

KORT: (Hollering from his banana chair in the living room) "Mooooooooooooooom!!!!"
ME: (Hollering back, hoping that my voice can carry through a closed bedroom door and the humming of the swamp cooler in the hallway.) "Please come to my room to talk to me!"
KORT: "Moooooooooooooooom!"
ME: (repeat) "Please come to my room to talk to me!"
(Silence for 5 minutes...thank heaven. He might have given up...but no.)
KORT: "Mooooooooom!"
ME: (shouting at my closed door) Kortland. James. Dugovic! You get off your rear end and come in here if you want to talk to me!"
ME: "Ug!"
(and yes, I know how "lazy American" this next part sounds, but in my defense, I was hot, tired, and rather pregnant, so cut me a little slack, okay?)

I realize that Kort has his cell phone in his pocket, so, rather than hoist my tired bones up out of bed and walk the whole 10 feet down the hallway to talk to him...I call him on his phone. (Yes, you heard me right. I CALLED HIM ON HIS CELL PHONE, WITH THE USE OF MY CELL PHONE from my bedroom 10 feet away. It's not something I'm proud of.)

KORT: "Hello?"
ME: "Kortland, you come into my room if you want to talk to me. I'm old and you're young, and I'm tired and you're not, so don't holler at me from your chair and make me get out of my bed...okay?"
KORT: "Well...Moooom..."
KORT: "Can you just come in here and take my juice can from me? I'm done drinking it."

A world class butt-chewing (via cell phone conversation between two people currently dwelling under the same roof) ensues.

Can somebody please tell me how impressed you are that he is still able to sit down?
(And no, we don't believe in spanking...but still...)
How did I raise such a lazy kid?
Oh right...raise him as an "only child" for some 7 odd years...that oughta do it.

Now, don't get me wrong, he is also a kind, happy, fun, selfless, loving, friendly little boy. A boy who loves his Mama better than any Mama could ever hope to be loved. And he serves his family on a regular basis. This needs to be said, but hollering for 5 minutes for me to get out of bed, take his juice can from his hand, and set it on the kitchen counter? That's just unreal.

I'm thinking this means that I have been an awesomely subservient mom... (yay me!) and I think this also means that some pretty gnarly "reality checks" will be waiting for Kort as Baby Bob, oh, I don't know, NURSES for 45 minutes straight every hour and a half for the first 3 months of his life!!!

Ha! Oh well. Something tells me that this will be beneficial to his character.

Operation Termination of Only Childhood: Commence!


Jen Nelson said...

Love it! Well... not the lazy part but you calling him on his cell. I can't tell you how many times I do that! Texting comes in really handy when I didn't want to wake the baby!

Good luck Kort when baby Bob arrives! Yay 8 weeks left!

Lindsay said...

Oh man this was so funny! So I guess it's really bad when my kids yell for me and I don't want to get out of bed and I'm not even pregnant?
The whole yelling from across the house drives me nuts....I totally would've done the same thing:)

Kestrel said...

Baahahaha. This is my concern about ours being an only. Actually, I'm the lazy one in our house. I've been teaching Toby where the garbage can is so he can throw away things for me, and as soon as he's big enough to open the fridge I'll teach him how to fetch my waterbottles and/or Diet Coke cans. And bon bons. Am I evil? Slightly.

Natasha Ireland said...

hahahahahahaha That happens in our house ALL the time. Its ridiculous and makes me so mad. it's usually in the morn when I'm still resting, Tay is watching a cartoon and Layla is still asleep and he yells and yells and of course I JUMP UP cuz I dont wanna wake Layla and it's usually he just wants to show me something on the cartoon. UGH.

Serline said...

Lovely day by the pond, although personally, I am not fond of seagulls.

Not sure being an only child is the problem. I have two, and it just means whatever you experience with Kort X two.

Life with Kaishon said...

Can I just say I totally have stuff like this happen with kaish all the time. Like he wants me to take his juice box when he is done drinking. DUH! Put it in the trash baby! : )
PS I love my baby.

Mandy said...

Kids will be lazy. Even when they aren't the only... :)