Monday, May 31, 2010

Today 6.1.2010 Diaper Bag!

Today, I am obsessing over my delightful/amazing/thrilling weekend find:My new diaper bag!
I know that it is more than a little ridiculous that I would write an entire blog post about something like a diaper bag, but wow, I am just so excited! Just to clarify, no, this is not "technically" a diaper bag. It is a very large purse with lots of different/separate/handy compartments that make it a perfect candidate for a make-shift (and much prettier and less expensive) diaper bag!

I know that it isn't very diaper bag-y, and I also know that it is ultra feminine for someone who is having boy...but here is my thinking. I'm having a little boy, but I am a girl. ("What?! No way!" you say.) I carry the bag, I keep all of my stuff in it just like a purse...I should pick something that is...well, "me." I have also decided that this rule extends to:

1. My "Udder Covers" (which are VERY feminine and pretty - and thanks so much to my Mom and my friend Andrea for thinking of me! It was fun getting little gifties in the mail. I love them!) And by the way, can I just ask : What is UP with calling them "Udder Covers" anyway? Boo to that. Boo, I say, boo! Ha! As if we mothers don't feel cow-like enough (with all the lactating, and breast-pumping, and suckling infants and such) now we need to wear a nursing cover called an UDDER cover? Ew. (Be that as it may, they are definitely a great invention and very cute...I'll give them that, but UDDER covers? Double ew.)

2. My baby sling. Now, I know that is may be pushing it, since both Baby Bob and I are technically "wearing" the sling...but I get the feeling that he is quite confident in his masculinity and he won't mind one bit if I wear a really cute sling. He can handle it. He's cool like that. So I registered for this one. Maybe I'm getting carried away with feminine...what do you think?

So, anyway, back to the girlie diaper bag...
Isn't it so cute?

Valentino came out with a line of gorgeous leather handbags, with gorgeous leather flowers about two years ago. I loved them. They were so darn pretty... but since I didn't have an extra $1,900.00 buckaroos lying around (nor could I ever justify spending that on a bag when there are still hungry people in the world) I set out to find a great knock off. And a few months ago, I finally did...and it was $150! (and NO I do not think that is a good or exciting deal. Not at all what-so-ever.) I could no sooner spend $150 on a bag than I could spend $1,900.00 on one! (I'm a big old cheapie, I know.)

So yeah, in my beloved St. Georgie this weekend, I found this lil' gem for $26.95!!!! Ahhhhhh! (scream and jump up and down with me now, here we go, one more time.) Ahhhhhhhh! So, there it is. My new diaper bag gets a post all its own. Love. Love.

Less than 9 weeks to go!!! (Can you believe that?) My, how time flies when you're not throwing up 24/7.

Check out this mom's inspiring story, and have a great Tuesday!

What was YOUR day like today? The girls at Communal Global would love to hear about it!

Happy Tuesday!


Buckeroomama said...

Oh, I am SO loving your new "diaper" bag!! And yeah, wow, what a deal! And that sling that you've picked? Makes me want to have another baby just so that I can get to use a pretty sling like that, too! :)

Frau said...

OMG awesome price! Love the!

Tezzie said...

Fabulous diaper'll be the most fashionable mommy at playgroup, for sure ;D (and the perfect price, I might add...wouldn't dream of spending more than that, myself!)

And, only 9 weeks to go until your bundle of baby perfection arrives...that is SO exciting!!! Can't wait to see all the cute baby pics :D

Life with Kaishon said...

Lola! A bag like that TOTALLY deserves its own post. Oh MY GOODNESS I love it! So love it. MADLY in love with it! Love. Love. LOVE!

I can't believe the baby will be here so soon. How is that even possible! YAY!

Laurie said...

Great posting full of joy and excitement about new life and diaper bags. And a great find it is.


I like my hooter hiders (and the name) very muchly. Udders? Really? Clearly the naming Commitee had not done much pumping, nursing or general lactating. Moooo. Our cabin week is over labor day, sept 1-6, are you in? Oh wait, I meant to say you ARE in. No option. 9 weeks!!! I still can't get over the fact that you are even pregnant!!! Yay!!!


Minus takeactionmedia plus Celeste.

Celeste said...

See, it's really me. And I love your diaper bag. Love. Where did you find such a beaut? I love St. George shopping.

Krista said...

I feel the same way about diaper bags. The baby isn't going to care what it looks like! As for the sling, it is cute indeed. I was afraid to get a patterned one because so many of my clothes are LOUD that I was worried about clashing. So my two slings were each plain. But that's kind of boring, isn't it?

Kestrel said...

Nice! I love my current diaper bag. It was intended to be a purse as well, but I reassigned it. I find the diaper bags that are actual diaper bags really suck, but purses that are reassigned work awesomely.

As for the sling, good luck with that. I hated my ring sling/the sling that went over the shoulder like that - it was too hard to carry my baby with all the weight on one shoulder, but he was older when I tried it. I much preferred a wrap to the sling. I made my own wrap for $3! It was super cute. When your baby gets older, mei tais are the way to go. I still love my mei tai if Toby and I are going to be walking down a busy street.

Udder Covers. Wow. Although, I never felt more like a cow than I did when I was pumping. I wish I could have breastfed, but I haven't missed feeling vaguely bovine :P

Sonya said...

WOW what an amazing find that was! beautiful diaper bag:)

Udder covers? wow that had me

Sarah said...

A bag like that CERTAINLY deserves a post all it's own ;) Very cute!! And I love the sling you picked out :)

Angela said...

Oh my I love that bag!! Its awesome and love the sling too!!

serline said...

I love the color and it's so stylish!

Jen Nelson said...

I think this is my favorite post ever. I am super jealous of your "diaper" bag. I need to go shopping with you!

I totally agree with Kestrel! I have recently become obsessed with baby wearing! I will totally hook you up! And baby Bob is totally secure in his masculinity to pull that sling off ;)

Love you! I need to come visit you soon! Are you back from St. George yet??