Sunday, May 23, 2010


"Hey mom! You wanna come read the funnies?"
Two things I would like to discuss:

1. No, I have never, ever (not evah) read the Sunday comics to him before, NOR have I ever referred to them as "the funnies." (Where did we get this kid? ...The 1950's?)

2. Please, please take a moment to appreciate his delightful ensemble. A much too small undershirt, soccer ball boxer shorts, black Sunday socks, and his new "fun run" tennis shoes. Classic. He was running sprints in the hallway and timing himself with a stopwatch in preparation for tomorrow's "fun run" at school. He can go from one end of the hall to the other in 2 seconds flat. This makes him feel like Superman. And, no...our hallway is not very long...if you must know.