Saturday, May 29, 2010

St. George far. (Day III)

So, today we decided to go to the DinoTrax Museum thing here in St. George. More on that in a minute. Kort looked so cute in his sunglasses on the car ride over, I just had to take a few snap shots of him. When he saw my camera in his face, this is what he did! Captain Smooth baby! I think this is what he thinks ALL sunglasses pictures should look like.
When we got to "DinoTrax," I'm sorry to say it, but it was Lame with a capital L! Well, no, let me put it this way: It SO wasn't worth the $15 bucks we had to fork over to admit our little family of three. Not even close. It's a big warehouse where you walk around and literally look at replicated dinosaur footprints in large slabs of stone. I'm not saying it isn't fascinating for the elderly crowd (who were coming and going in swarms, btw) I'm just saying that it wasn't all that exciting for mildly ADD-ish 6 year olds...and certainly NOT for $6 per adult and $3 per child. That's all. Luckily, they had 2 activities that were enjoyable for Kort.
1. Pretend excavating in a giant (HOT!!!!) sand box.
2. And making "Dino Rubbings" with crayons. (Can I get a "Woot woot!"?)
Then we stopped by Walmart to grab a slip n' slide for the backyard. I sort of love going to the St. George Walmart...I will give you one guess as to why.
Is NOW an okay time to take a minute to say that I think it's pretty ridiculous that the world at large still thinks that Mormons are Polygamists? Just the other night, Jay Leno made a joke about Utahns and all their wives, and I just thought..."Kay stupid, There are WAY more Polygamists in Colorado, Arizona, and Mexico... BESIDES, Mormons (who admittedly have a huge Utah population) don't even practice polygamy!!! Wrong religion you-big-dummy-Jay! I am officially on Team Conan!" (Okay, I was always on Team Conan, but this just proved to me that Conan was the right choice.) But hey, I guess it gives me a little perspective on how misunderstood Tom Cruise must feel since I think that his assertion that residual,"trapped in the earth's crust" alien spirits possessed Brook Shield's body and made her have postpartum depression is down-right bat-poo-crazy...

So, to each his own.

I think my favorite Mormon Myth (told directly to me by a non-member at a SilverChair concert last year) was that the Mormon Church owned Coca-Cola and it was therefore "against our religion" to drink Pepsi! Too awesome for words... but, moving on.

The slip n' slide was fantastic, in case you were wondering.
Happy St. George Saturday!


Frau said...

Slip n' Slide money well spent! I haven't been to St. George in soooo long, but last time I remember it being so hot. Great pictures...Happy Sunday.

Nelson Family said...

I was in St. George this past weekend too! i can't believe we didn't see each other :) I would have loved to see you guys though. Who knew there was that cool dino museum. We will have to check that one out! Love you mucho!!!