Saturday, May 29, 2010

St. George far. (Day II)

Today was...well, full of variety!

It started off with a visit to Grammy and Papa's St. George condo where Kort was oh so pleasantly surprised to find not one, but TWO very fun cousins waiting for him there. One was even dressed up like a blue ninja. (Double score!) They then proceeded to hunt down 60 some-odd snails in Grammy's garden. They were in HEAVEN!
Do you see the pile o' snails they are proudly presenting to us?
Well here's a close up: (...and, you're welcome)
After that, we went shopping at Old Navy (new summer shorts and swim trunks for Kort) and then at the outlets where I found a faaaaabulous new diaper bag for me and Baby Bob. It is sooo cute! But, I forgot to take a picture. Oh well, that pile of creamy, yummy, leathery deliciousness deserves a post all its own anyway. {It's cool for me to write entire posts about cute diaper bags and such, right? Right.}

Then, on our way home, Kort asked to borrow my camera so that he could take pictures of "the community." I thought he took some real zingers. (Then again, I'm his mom and I think he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. So...)
When he got done with his photo shoot, Kort said "Mom, do you have Mrs. Luther's address? I want to send these pictures of the community to her. She's going to love them!" (Mrs. Luther is his AWESOME 1st grade teacher, and I don't have her address...hmmm.)

Then, I asked the hubs to swing by Taco Bell on our way back to the house. Have I mentioned that Baby Bob and I are practically LIVING on Double Decker Taco Supremes these days? Well, we are. I eat one almost every day...right around 2:00 p.m. That and cottage cheese with pineapple chunks. Pregnancy is a strange and wild beast, my friends. Kort also captured our Taco Bell stop off. Atta boy.
Then, as if all THAT wasn't random enough, we went swimming, BBQ-ed some deeelicious guacamole burgers, and busted out sparklers. Yep, sparklers.
{The boy, trying to light a piece of bark on fire with his sparkler. Oh...what a little Blackwell I have on my hands.}

The end.


Frau said...

Love outlet malls! Funny the pregnancy cravings you get. I craved butterfingers when pregnant with my daughter. Sounds like a great trip.

trevandjules said...

Uncle Ted says, "Please no more than one taco per day. That meat is practically poison and the wohm stirr definitery crawr."