Sunday, April 4, 2010

General Conference Saturday...This is how we roll...

Rule #1 We stay in our jammies.
Photobucket Rule #2 We always bust out the hide-a-bed.
Photobucket Rule #3 Dog cuddles and popcorn are a m.u.s.t.
Photobucket Rule #4 When General Conference Saturday falls on Easter Weekend, egg-dying is also a must. (Preferably with the use of egg-dying kits that foster the creation of afro-alien-eggs)
Photobucket Rule #5 The curious and fully-interested "on-looking" of resident canines is always welcome/encouraged.
Photobucket Rule #6 Sitting on TOP of the table is perfectly fine.
Photobucket Rule #7 Dripping egg-dye on the table is also perfectly fine.
(Because our table is old and ghetto. yay!)
Photobucket Rule #8 No one is permitted to notice/mention the fact that the glasses used to hold the egg dye had some serious water stain issues. (We take this rule very seriously. Consider yourselves warned.)
Photobucket Rule #9 It's nice if most or all of the egg-dying participants have amazing eyelashes for photo-op purposes. (Nice, but certainly not required.)
Rule #10 It is also nice (but not required) if most or all egg-dying participants have pouty lips, yummy freckles, and stripey choo-choo train pajamas.
Photobucket Rule #11 We humbly ask that all dogs in attendance give great face.
(And no, this isn't photoshopped, I caught Mr. Bubs at the tail end of a yawn - yessssssss!)
How did you roll?


Kristina P. said...

Of course your house on Easter is fun!

Jill said...

haha Rule #8 was definitely my fave

Tilton Bunch said...

Hey there Lola!

Is your mother in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir? I swear while I was watching this weekend, I saw your Mom. I could be crazy, but if it was not her, it had to be her dopple-ganger... Of course, it has been several years since I have seen her. Let me know, will ya? I am Oh, so curious now!!!

the Lola Letters said...

Yeah - that was her! She has been in the choir for about 2 years now and is loving every minute of it! It also helps us get our 6 year old actively watching during conference time! He is an expert "gaga spotter"!

Tezzie said...

hee hee!! What a fun post...absolutely love all your rules (nr8 so totally cracked me up...*note to self...must immediately apply this rule to our household) And Kort is so handsome!; those eyelashes are to die for,