Sunday, April 4, 2010

(Sing with me now) I'm (doo doo)... dreaming...of a white (doo doo)...Easter!

On Easter morning,
we found a little more than sparkly, treat-filled Easter Eggs.
Photobucket , Sure, we found eggs, and wooden bird houses... (because the Easter Bunny knows how much our little dude loves to paint) and a new Easter Basket complete with a fresh, shiney new soccer ball. But we also found...
6 stinkin' inches of snow outside our glass door!
Kort was excited.
And Bubs and Bells were really, super excited.
Photobucket But as for me...? Not so excited. Easter is about green, and warm, and sun, and picnics, and sparkly eggs hidden in grass, and hidden in newly budding tree limbs, and under park benches, and... I guess I just don't think snow should factor in anywhere!
Photobucket But then... we snuggled up together in blankets, and watched conference, and Kort got out his costume box and dressed up as a pirate, a knight, the Incredible Hulk, a karate "guy," a golfer, a fisherman, Rodney Copperbottom (from "Robots") and on...and on...and...on.

Then daddy took Kort out in the front yard and taught him some sweet soccer moves, like: chest traps, foot traps, crossing, juggling, defense, and the likes thereof. (And yes, this pretty much made his quality time with his dad always does.)

Then Kort came in (chest heaving) with red, wind burned cheeks, and a big smile and said: "Dad just taught me some sweet soccer skills and I could really go for some hot chocolate right now!"

So, we made some hot chocolate.
with whipped cream and lots of cinnamon...
Photobucket just the way we like it.
and I enjoyed my chocolate...and his freckles... and his smile...and his excited talk of how good Easter Bunny was to him today...
Photobucket and I thought to myself:
"Relish this moment right now, then commit to always remember it. Seal it up in your memory. Lock it up tight. Save it for a rainy day...or a lonely day... a day when he is grown, and gone. A day when he no longer believes in the magical, generous creature that IS the Easter Bunny...but instead, carries out such magical traditions for new little loves of his life."
Photobucket and then I thought: "But don't dwell on that. Just dwell on this. Just live in this, enjoy this, love this... for indeed, "this" is your only chance to live in this".
Photobucket So I did.
I soaked up all of the laughs, and funny faces, and lips smeared with cinnamon crusted whipped cream...
Photobucket and I thought to myself:
"White Easters" are good too.
I guess they're all good... if we let them be.

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Theresa said...

Wow, what a different climate we have than you. But I LOVED seeing the snow. I remember sometimes having snow on Easter in upstate NY! Just joined your contest. Thanks for Communal Global. xxoo

KiFF said...

What a touching way to look at Easter. I was agreeing strongly with you at the beginning about the snow, then I got all choked up with how you ended up making it. I wanna be like you when I grow up!

purseblogger said...

Okay, I just LOVE your blog. So fun! We had the glitter easter eggs too, they are so fun! I'm sorry you had snow for Easter. :( But, it was a great weekend to stay indoors and watch Conference. Loved that!

Tezzie said...

*teary eyed*
What a sweet, sweet post...(and YUMMY hot chocolate, btw!)

Jill said...

ok seriously? His eyelashes--- I just want to eat. them. up.