Sunday, January 24, 2010

funky mirror 1.24.10

my mother-in-law bought this charming mirror for me in a little antique shop in downtown escondido during our last vacation together. can i just say how much i love, love, love having a mother-in-law and a sis-in-law who love thrifting and antiquing as much as i do? i love it a lot. we always have some seriously good times. this mirror rests on my dresser and usually makes me smile when i walk by (no matter how unshowered, frizzy, and unkempt the lady staring back at me may be on any given day).

good memories of good times. (and yes, there is a HUGE pile of unfolded laundry behind me on the floor. i'm sure i'll manage to get to that by march too :)


Anonymous said...

Actually mirrors are more than they seem to be. Especially if they are antique items... It is said that mirrors contain fragments of souls from everyone that ever starred into them. Most of us do not even realize this fact... but it is very clear for those with finely attuned senses. Some can actually see the pale reflections of others...

This may be just too much information... but I, too, love mirrors. :)

Did you know that they are used for certain ritual, too?

Take care!

nikita said...

that mirror is gorgeous!
i love the print on your curtains (if thats what they are in the background) also :)

Life with Kaishon said...

That mirror is SO totally ROCKING!: )