Sunday, January 24, 2010

dining room table 1.23.10

laptop, paper man, sight word list, candle, red plastic milk cup, and half-written recipe for ricotta fritters that i saw mav making on 3191 miles apart. mmmm...they looked delicious. i got half way through jotting down the recipe when i realized that i should just copy and paste it into a word document so i could actually find it when i wanted to use it.

on a similar (a.k.a foody) note, the hubs slid a wire cooling rack under my laptop so it didn't overheat on the table cloth. now every time i sit down at my computer, i crave hot cookies. just thought you should know... you know, in case you live within a 5 mile radius of my house and you just so happened to be pulling some hot cookie deliciousness out of your oven as we speak...

you know where to find me.

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Just SO said...

That cookie rack is a great idea!! ( I wonder if he knew that it would make you think if warm cookies and put it under there with and ulterior motives