Friday, January 22, 2010

Daily Photo 1.21.10

My parents. Still in love. Still going to the temple.


They were really good sports to let me take their picture at 7:00 tonight when we were leaving the temple and I realized that I hadn't taken my "daily photo." I should forget to take it more often, as that is clearly when the magic happens.

This is a photograph I'm sure I'll always cherish. I don't think any kid (age 2, or 62) ever gets sick of seeing their parents in love. There's something about it that I still find comforting at 29. It's a good reminder that the hubs and I need to smooch more in front of Kort. Sure, he squeals, covers his eyes, blushes, and tells us that we're gross, but deep down, I'm sure he's experiencing some serious "warm fuzzies" and a whole-lotta emotional security.


American in Norway said...

Ahhh...Love it! I agree.. smooching in front of the kiddos is a great thing.. thanks so much for popping by my blog..

Tonia said...

My kids think it's gross when me and Mike kiss too, but we do it anyway :)

Just SO said...

Beautiful. I love pictures like this. I rarely if ever saw my parents kiss. I knew that they loved one another but I would have like to see it more.

Blackwell said...

Oh how I love this picture! I feel the same way, just seeing them gives me hope that a long and happy marriage is possible!