Thursday, January 21, 2010

Daily Photo(s) 1.20.10

lost tooth.


Being one of the youngest kids in your grade can be tough! Kort is officially one of the l.a.s.t. kids in his class to lose a tooth. Man, it has been rough. When he got home from school today, he insisted that it had to come out, like, NOW! So he came into my bedroom and laid down on my bed, squeezed his eyes shut and told me to go for it. A twist and a pull later, and he was smiling a new smile… and bleeding like a motha! He smiled and smiled in the bathroom mirror as blood-water trickled through the new gap and dripped down into the fresh white sink. I remember my first, do you remember yours?


Please be sure to notice/appreciate Kortland’s ever-loyal shadow. Bella is super happy for him. (…that, or just sort of needy and a bit of a camera hog.)


Ps. A crazy hurricane wind is shaking my house so violently, it’ll be a wonder if we make it through the night in one piece! I am already having creepy visions of waking up to a mob of lollipop-toting munchkins singing “Ding dong the witch is dead!”

No thank you.

Well, I dunno, throw in a pair of Judy Garland approved Ruby Slippers and we’ll talk.

I’m just worried that a piece of the tin roof on my back deck is going to fly off and impale one of my lovely neighbors. I really love that tin roof...

Pray for us. (Especially my neighbors.)


Ashley said...

Yay for Kortland! I'm gonna keep this on the DL. Denali has yet to lose a tooth... doesn't even have a "loose" tooth yet. Congrats on the big milestone Kort! ;)

Katie--the amazing one, not your other friend named Katie. She's amazing, too, but not the same Katie as me-- said...

My first tooth came out while eating a hot dog for school lunch. I took a bite and there was my tooth, sticking in the hot dog.

Nisa said...

Woo hoo! That is so exciting! I actually don't remember losing my first tooth...

Vickie said...

My oldest, Alivia, is in second grade and she just lost her first tooth two days ago. In fact I think it's the exact same tooth that Kort lost. She too was so happy to FINALLY lose a tooth. That night she kept asking when bedtime was because she couldn't wait to go to bed and have the tooth fairy come.