Thursday, January 21, 2010

Trevor and Julia's Wedding Photographs Featured on Utah Bride Blog .Com!


Their photographer (Jessica Coronado of BellaRose Photography) did such an amazing job, and I l.o.v.e. Julia's dress so much, I can hardly stand it! (...and that ruffle around the neck? Get. out. of town!) Click HERE to see their feature on Utah Bride Blog .Com. And then come back and jump up and down with me and squeal about how flippingly beautiful and stylish my new sister is! (and you'll also notice that Chevy-poo isn't lookin' so bad himself ;) Yay them!


Malolo Family said...

Oh my gosh!! She is like the most BEAUTIFUL bride I have ever seen!! I love those pics and dress and hair and flowers...and lets just say, everything I saw!!
Thanks for sharing!!

Nisa said...

Beautiful!! So lovely! What a cute couple!

AmandaLauren said...

Found your blog randomly and I'm usually a quiet observer, but as a photographer I have to say I L.O.V.E this shot. Your photographer did an awesome job!