Monday, December 14, 2009

Just not feelin' that good old Christmas spirit the way I'd like to be...

...but a trip to WALMART can do that to a girl.
Wow, I really hate Walmart.
Did you hear that?
I used the word *gasp* "HATE" during this,
the season of peace and joy and love...
and I'm totally not even sorry for saying it.
I'm not going to take it back either.
My statement stands.
I h.a.t.e Walmart!

(I know just how they feel.)
I went to print a picture of Kortland today.
I BOUGHT the digital files for this picture (for like, extra money) from the photographer who took the picture, and therefore own the printing rights, and do you know what happened after I drove 20 minutes to pick up my prints? A nasty (and I am dead serious when I say n.a.s.t.y) photo-section-employee-lady (who clearly thinks that routine, bi-monthly perms with the smallest rollers available, are still all the rage) stripped the pictures right out of my hand (you know, like, ripped it out of my something you would see on sitcom... or a freaking Tom and Jerry cartoon) and said that this picture appeared to have been taken by a professional studio and that I had to have a signed copyright release for it if I wanted to buy my pictures. And she didn't say it nicely. She said it rudely. (This is a key detail.) I don't like being treated rudely. I also don't like it when a rude little turd accuses me of trying to steal pictures that I rightfully paid for.
Kay, honestly, I don't have many pet peeves (except for the word "pet peeve"which is eternally obnoxious...) For example, one of my only pet peeves is people who are repulsed by feet. Feet are great. I like the wonderful things I get to do and see and enjoy because of my feet, and I just don't get why people don't see how great they are... but I digress.
As I was saying, I don't have many pet peeves, but being treated like a criminal (when I'm totally the furthest thing from it) pretty much sends me into an altered state of consciousness where all I can think about is giving a 10 minute evacuation warning to all of Walmart's (unfortunate) employees and shoppers and then burning that motha down. I was seeing red, and yes, I bit her head off. Had she treated me with an OUNCE of decency, I am sure that I would have been fine, but she did not, and I was not (and am not) fine.
As far as the pictures go, I don't care. I will not drive back there (release form in hand) to pick them up, and they can eat the cost. They pay their employees next to nothing and have about 3 checkers working the check out at any given time, so I'm sure those extra billions can compensate for the prints that I have (furiously) abandoned. They totally and completely wasted my time and my gasoline, so, I guess putting my prints in the garbage at their expense is the very least they can do as far as I'm concerned.
As for me, I'm going to go climb into bed and try to get my happy back. I'm singing "O Holy Night" tonight at our ward Christmas party and it would be sort of nice if I could do it sans the hatred that is currently burning in my heart... Wow, 'tis the Season of crazy hormones and horrible customer service. Not an ideal combination. Hope your day is better than mine! To be sure that this is the case, I would recommend avoiding Walmart at all costs! (You're welcome.)


Barbaloot said...

A)Already hated Wal-Mart. Thanks for reminding me why.
B)I hate that horrible phrase, too. So much that I'm not even going to write it.
C)Are you gonna be able to get the pictures somewhere?

Megan said...

Wow I am glad you told her off. What if you had taken the picture yourself? Just because it looks professional doesn't mean you aren't the professional that took it or aren't just really great at taking pics (which you are). Who is she to judge you know! Hope you get your pictures!

Kristina P. said...

Don't most people hate Walmart?

I was once accused of stealing by an Apollo Burgers employee. It was at my previous job, where I worked with kids on probation. My team had earned dinner, and so I probably took about 9 teenagers to their restaurant and spent about $85. We were missing a burger and fries, and the manager accused me of trying to get free food and that's why I needed to wait to hand out the order. Yeah, the order his employee told me to take.

I was so mad. I told him that not to worry, we wouldn't be providing him with anymore business and we would go to Crown Burger instead, which was much more delicious.

Ashley Koz said...

That has happened to me there too several times, all with pictures YOU took of me. I had to promise and swear to them they were not professional, I guess your just that talented/awesome

The Smith's said...

Laura, Laura, Laura, why on earth are you using Wal-mart to print your pictures! They have the worst quality ever. I'm not saying you need to send them out to California to be printed, but for me it is worth the extra .20 a picture to go elsewhere. I am honestly surprised you even found someone there that spoke English!

Tonia said...

I hate walmart too. So much so I won't even capitalize it ;). Sorry you had such a crappy day :(

Nisha said...

Are you talking about the Springville WalMart? They used to do that to me too. No other WalMart has asked for a copyright release. And P.S. Why didn't you just say, "Why thank you! I'm a photographer. Check out my website Through Lola's Lens."

Nisha said...

Are you talking about the Springville WalMart? They used to do that to me too. No other WalMart has asked for a copyright release. And P.S. Why didn't you just say, "Why thank you! I'm a photographer. Check out my website Through Lola's Lens."

Aubry Macbean said...

I don't enjoy Walmart and will avoid at all costs. Dumb employee. Most photographers are able to put "water" marks on photos and/or the picture file now a days so you can tell when one has not been paid for.