Monday, December 7, 2009

Tonight's Goodnight 12.7.2009

This is a conversation Kort and I had tonight after his bed time prayers (which included his regular plea for a baby brother or baby sister to *puh-leeeeease * come to our family)



Do you know what we need to do instead of just praying for a baby?



Oh? How did you learn about that?

Yesterday, my teachers said that there was a little girl, and her family got into a car crash, and she got hurt the worst and had to go to, you know, the hospital...and she wouldn't wake up.

So, she was in a coma?

Yeah, that's what it was, a coma. So, the Bishop of their world...

You mean their "ward?"

Yeah, the Bishop of their ward, got up at the microphone on Sunday and asked the whole ward to have a fast and to pray for the little girl, and they DID it! The whole "word" did a fast, and then they got a really good feeling that everything was going to be okay, and then the little girl woke up and she WAS okay!

Bud! That's so great! I am so happy to know that you listened so well in your class (given his past Sunday School track have no idea how happy ;)

Well, I was thinking that a fast would work for your tummy so we can have a baby. Can you call the Bishop and ask him to have everyone fast? (That would be a fun phone call!)

How about if we call all of our family and ask them to have a fast with us instead?

Okay, like Gaga and Papo and Nama and Grandpa Jim and all my aunts and uncles?


Okay. Can we do it tomorrow?


(I sort of think he's the greatest child on the planet...can you blame me?)


Ashley Koz said...

That is the sweetest! Little boys are the bomb, and big dogs in bed with you are the absolute best. I don't care if it's like the number 1 dog training rule to not let your dog on your bed, I just love it way too much!

Ashley said...

Aw, precious! So when is your special fast going to be? I would love to join in :)

Laura said...

We will so fast with you!! We want Kort to have a baby brother or sister (or both, or a few of each) too!! He is such a great kid! Love you guys!

Lindsay said...

That is so sweet. Just reading this brought tears to my eyes. Kids have a way of surprising us and teaching us something simple and important.

Mandy said...

How wonderful! :) Such a cute little guy! :)

Nisa said...

I think you're right. What a sweetheart and a brilliant one at that! I hope you know I'm praying for you all the time as well!

Jen Nelson said...

I totally melted! What a sweetie! And I'm SO happy he listened in class!!
Wishing I could fast for you! I'll give up ice cream for 24 hours instead! And being 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant that is HUGE!


Barbaloot said...

What a sweetheart!

Andrea, Mrs. said...

Well, you are already included in my prayers. I actually have too many friends who are so worthy of having a baby and are waiting...waiting...waiting. I've been praying for them (and you, since I first started reading your blog) for quite a while.

Howse Family said...

Can we go ahead and arrange a marriage?? I have a feeling he's just the kind of boy I'd pick for Ashlyn! :)

Natasha Ireland said...

OH MY KORTLAND. U r truely the sweeeeetest boy on the plantet. LOVE HIM. Our family would join in that fast.... we love u and pray a baby angel here soon.

Harrison's said...

That is completely sweet. And wow that he listened so well. The faith of a child -- amazing and inspiring. So we've had 2 miscarriages and I just wanted to thank you for being so "real" about how frustrating and disappointing it can be to have the desires to get pregnant and not have it happen. Just wanted to say thank you.

Mandy said...

It's 9 months later after you posted this great story and I can't wait to see the pictures of your newest little guy. :)

I hope it's okay if I use this story in Sharing Time on Sunday. It's about Miracles. :)