Monday, September 14, 2009

My Life Story * One Day At a Time * Day 2

Where were you born?

Okay, I’ll be honest. When I pulled this one, my mind responded with a resounding “Boo.” Bo-r---ing! I don’t have a lot of interesting details, but here we go…

My parents were living in Springville, Utah when I was born. Dad was attending Law School at BYU. Bryan, who was 15 months old at the time of my arrival, was thrilled (and he only grew more excited about my family membership as time went on…as I’m sure you can imagine.) I was born at the Utah Valley Hospital, and the doctor didn’t show up in time to deliver me, so was delivered by a nurse named Beth. (Thus, the name LauraBETH) I still haven’t forgiven Dr. Brinton for that one…but, oh well. It’s entirely possible that Kortland will be griping about his name 15 years down the road too. (Sorry, mom…it’s a nice name, but by age 11 I was 90-95% certain that I should have been named something exotic and…. beautiful like… “Crystal” (ha ha ha ha!) I loved that name when I was 11. By 13 it was “Jade” and by 15, it was “Victoria” and by 16 I was too busy terrifying fellow highway travelers and worrying about who was or was not asking me to the homecoming dance to care much about what my name “should” have been. In the end, Laura is really quite fitting, don’t you think? PLUS, it turns out that “Lola” is the perfect nickname to satisfy my inner Screaming Mimi…so it’s all good. Well done Mamacita. Well done. Oh…was this supposed to JUST be about where I was born? Well, then, I digress

KYLE (a.k.a the hubs) on the other hand, was born on a twister mat in his parent’s home in Hanford, California. There. That oughtta spice this little bloggy up.


Barbaloot said...

A twister mat? I don't even know what that is.

And also, I recall wanting a "cool" name like Stacey when I was younger. I guess we all have our phases:)

Lee Ann said...

I love the Lola Letters. Lola fits you perfectly.

I also can verify that Kyle was born on a Twister game...that plastic sheet mat thingy. My mom being very hip and cool let her, almost 18 year old, daughter act as a labor coach. So I had a great experience trying to get my mom to do left foot red, right hand yellow push push push....and there was Kyle (our Brother!). Love to all.