Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Caution: This blog is about cheese.

Our dear friends and neighbors had a deeelightfully intimate

last night and I had so much fun!

Okay, and have you guys ever had smoked gouda? stop. it. right. now. It is officially my favorite chesse, like, ever! The strange thing is, Nie has started updating her "CuisineNie" blog again and she JUST BARELY posted a recipe that calls for smoked gouda, and I thought, I don't know what smoked gouda is...I don't know whether or not I love smoked gouda...what is a girl to do? Then, THAT VERY NIGHT at the wine and cheese party...I tasted smoked gouda for the first time... (and then I tasted more...and more... and then, when nearly everyone was gone, I took it upon myself to polish off the rest of the smoked gouda platter, and I still wanted more.) I am in love. It is clear that the universe wanted me to make Corn and Cheese Custard with Smoked Gouda. It is also clear that the Universe wants me to spread the gospel of smoked gouda so that everyone can experience the mouth joy that I am currently reveling in. It would be downright evil to keep it to myself, yes?


Aubry Macbean said...

Sounds like fun. I find recipes that call for cheeses I have never heard of let alone tried. And since I am not about to go out and spend money on something I could potentially dislike I throw them away. I don't live much on the edge where my taste buds are concerned.

Shantelle said...

Cheese is one of my weaknesses, so just from reading this post it might cost me a couple of pounds....gee thanks!!! Where might I get some of these cheesy goodness? Do you just eat it plain?

Chris White said...

I could eat cheese and crackers every day and never get sick of it... I will have to try the smoked Gouda.

C Stevens said...

I'm so glad you liked it. I love the pics. You make it look so much more classy than it really was. Thanks for coming, we love your (you and kyle) company.