Wednesday, August 5, 2009


it is pouring outside.
the smell is making me so happy
i think i might cry.
fresh, delicious, and earthy,
with wet asphalt, wood, rocks,
and plants all mixed together.
rain smell.
how is it possible that
we've still never bottled it?
it's blowing into my bedroom
where i'm snuggled deep into my covers.
bubbuh, who normally wouldn't
dream of sneaking into my bedroom
(liza the cat's official domain)
is huddled in a ball next to me.
he winces and scoots closer to my thigh
every time the thunder roars through the sky.
the last set literally shook our house
and i thought bubbuh might
go into cardiac arrest.
he's laying very still,
trying to act like he's cool with it,
but his chest is heaving
like he's just climbed
our favorite hill.
he loves his mama.
could a girl honestly ask for more than that?
i am officially a firm believer in/supporter of cloning.
i want to have a bubbuh for the rest of my life.


Ashley Koz said...

For my next dog a definitely want a bubbah, a perfect, mellow, sweet dog!

Ashley Thalman said...

I am in love with the idea of Autumn and the rain and snuggle time, but since we moved and have AC I think I can do this Summer thing....

Anonymous said...

I love that photo of him! He is such an old soul :)
2 things: put my blog back up, it's set to private, sent you an invite, wanted to make sure you got it.
And I totally want you to come take pictures of Keira and Szander to give to their Mom for her b-day in Sept.
Am I not the most thoughful nanny ever?!
Serious. I wish I could hire myself.
I'll touch base with you soon.
P.S Lisa and David Version 2.0 is going very well!

Nisha said...

JEALOUS! It didn't rain at my house.

Jen Nelson said...

Can I say I'm jealous you are in bed at 4pm?

Love me some Bubbuh!

Celeste said...

I want to kiss his face off. Seriously, people always overestimate how awesome their dogs are, but not you. I have a testimony of the awesomeness of Bubs. Also I am all about cloning pets, with slight modifications though. No allergens.