Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Day of School!

It started with a breakfast of "flat eggs," toast, grapes, blueberries, and some chocolate milk.

He protested my wardrobe choice stating that he "doesn't really like lions very much," but he was quite proud of his TRANSFORMERS backpack (which looks roughly the size of Texas on his lil' first-grader self)

We arrived at the school to find a bubble machine in full swing!
Such a fun surprise.
(He didn't like it at all though, obviously.)
Fortunately, he had a really great first day of school. UNfortunately, the same cannot be said for the second. Fortunately, I am firmly convinced that Kort scored the cutest, smartest, friendliest 1st grade teacher in the whole darn school. UNfortunately, I have the distinct and depressing feeling that he is going to drive her two shakes south of batty before the the year is over! (Whatever THAT means...)
Thus far (day 2) he has already:
* gotten into his lunch box NOT during lunch time and when the teacher said he had to put it away, he ran and cried (yes, I just said CRIED - he never cries!-) under the teacher's desk!
* ran and cried (yes, I just said CRIED - AGAIN! Ugh!!!) under her desk because she didn't call on him for something.
*Rode his bike straight across the cross walk WITHOUT stopping OR looking in either direction! The crossing guard was like: "Whoa whoa whoa buddy! You need to wait for me kay?" While Kyle and I just stood (half a block away) and watched in horror (and then reamed him when he got home this afternoon.) I'll give you one guess as to who is NOT riding their bike to school tomorrow.
*I packed a box lunch for him today, and it had the following items:
a Turkey and Cheese Sandwich
a Go-gurt
and a Twinkie
And I instructed him ( that he was to eat the sandwich FIRST and the grapes SECOND, and he could have whatever he wanted after that. And do you want to know what he ate? The Doritos and the Twinkie. That's it. I opened his lunch box to find a perfectly untouched sandwich and a Go-gurt. Grrrrr....
Is it always going to be this hard? I swear I have the most bull-headed (...and darling) child on the face of the earth! And just for the record, I really do know that the fact that my child consumed a lunch made up of Doritos and Twinkies isn't the end of the world... but I am just so tired of fighting what feels like a losing battle! (after battle after battle, after battle!!!) I'm sure his intelligence, tenacity, and "take no prisoners" attitude with buy me a lovely home and retirement some day, but for now, could he please be like the other robot children in his class who simply do what their told and sit like zombies? Can't I have both? Boo. This stinks. And let me just say that his teacher really is awesome, and she has a great attitude regarding Kort, and she really likes him. She only told me about his little episodes today because I asked her to PLEASE be completely candid with me about any behavioral issues so we could nip small problems in the bud before they had a chance to grow into large problems. She was so, so, nice about it and we just talked about possible solutions and what works with him and what doesn't. I just sincerely hope he doesn't drive her to the nut house by October.
Sometimes I just feel like a big fat failure.
Pray for me.


Nisha said...

Just tell him if he doesn't eat the sandwich, you're not going to put the Doritos and Twinkies in. Oh my gosh, Kortland is such a cutie...I'm sure the weird crying and not paying attention is due to over excitement or something. You are not a failure! This is the first time I've ever read anything on your blog that's not glowing about what a great kid he is :)

Anonymous said...

Under no circumstance should you feel like a failure! Kort is a great kid and you are a rockstar mom. Who knows why kids do crazy, unbelievable strange/frustrating and scary stuff despite having awesome parents.
Hang in there mama! He'll turn out just great.

Heather said...

Cute first day pictures! I'm sure Kortland will settle down in just a few school days! ALL kids have their good and bad days (oh, just like their parents)- hang in there, he is such a cutie!

Mandy said...

The first few weeks are the hardest. New transition to a new place and new people. Got to test your boundaries... Plus it's kinda scary!

Mine? Oh he's perfect too... With the exception of not leaving the lunchroom after he ate his lunch... Just sat there. Lunch lady took him to his class (he was late) - he missed lunch recess because he simply didn't know! Refusing to sit by a girl simply because she's a girl (teacher won and he did sit by her!). My little guy also did the same sort of stuff as Kort with his lunch. He ate the brownie both days, his cheese and crackers both days and his bag of chips one day. Both days, didn't eat his sandwich or fruit.

Yeah. Boys.

No failure on the mommy part. Just boys being boys. Silly, stubborn little boys... :)

Lindsay said...

Kids and eating is just plain frustrating. It's good that you are documenting it because while it's frustrating now it will be fun to read later.

I love little kids with huge backpacks it's so cute!

Natalie said...

This is a mother's revenge at it's finest °Ü° payback is so great.

I love you!

Jen Nelson said...

Your mom is funny!

Don't feel like a failure - normal bizarre kid stuff.

My perfect robot child even has issues. (puberty is FUN!) You're doing great!

Super cute pics! I'm a total failure because I've never taken first day of school pictures... but, I'm pretty sure that's the "mom's" job and you're too cool for that kind of stuff in Jr. high.

Merrilee said...

If this is your biggest failure with that cute little guy consider that you are a huge success!!

Chris White said...

I just want to say one thing, it is corny, and cliche, but it is true. You are only a failure if you stop trying.