Friday, August 21, 2009

Destined for Nerdom?

(and I'm cool with that.)

I walked past Kortland's room yesterday evening, and this is what I found. I.lost. it. Could not stop laughing. He was so zoned into his game that he didn't even acknowledge the fact that I got in his face and took, like 20 pictures! This kid will not take off his bicycle helmet! He will ride his bike to a friend's house and I will see him 2 hours later running around in their backyard, or playing with a train set in their house, or running through the sprinklers, or eating a brownie at their kitchen counter...and YEP, helmet. on. his. head. at. all. times. He won't take it off! He loves it (a little too much, one might argue)...

There's also the fact that I accidentally pinched his neck with the helmet buckle one time (okay fine, a couple of times) and he screamed bloody murder (because, yeah, that TOTALLY flipping hurts like a banshee) and now he doesn't trust us to put his helmet on and take it it takes like 15 whole seconds to put it back on once he's taken it off... which in kid time equals about 30 minutes... and that's time that KJ simply can't afford to spend on helmet maintenance/details... so, there's also that.

Does Olivia Newton John's hit song "Hopelessly Devoted to You"
come to mind when you look at this last one?
...just wondering.


Mandy said...

Top picture cracks me up! :) It reminds me of the coneheads...

Bottom picture NOW reminds me of Hopelessly Devoted... :)

HEHE... Cute little guy!

Nisa said...

lol Oh that cracks me up!