Friday, August 21, 2009

me at 2:35 p.m.

1. i just woke up from a nice nap. the dogs snuck into bed with me while i was sleeping. (this is a no, no, and don’t tell the hubs… but I loved every minute of it.)

2. bella is lovin’ on “her baby.” (as usual)

3. i am reading nie and crying (as usual) because she just writes things so darn beautifully.

4. i went to REAMS today to buy super-fresh ingredients for TACO FRIDAY tonight and scored some insanely awesome deals (as usual) because REAMS is consistently wonderful.

5. i made 6 gallons of multi-colored beverages (so NOT usual) that the hubs calls “ghetto juice” and you and i know as simply “kool-aid,” and I can’t wait to drink it all with greasy tacos in t-minus three and a half hours.

6. our fridge is breaking down…or dying…or pooping out… or whatever you want to call it, and i’m not even mad. (or sad, or bummed) i had one of those “ah-has” last night, and the gist of it was this: I still want want want want want things, but I have have have have have EVERYTHING (and then some.) God is so good I seriously can’t wrap my mind around it. we live at an unimaginable level of comfort when compared with the rest of the world. it’s truly incredible. okay, and then there’s also the fact that I’m married to super-hubs who can fix unfixable sprinkler systems, “hopeless” cars, and the like. fridge schmidge. he’ll whip that sucker into shape.

7. i got to read a little today.

8. i vegged a little today.

9. i am still vegging (and blogging) a little right now.

10. in 5 minutes, after 6 and a half hours of total freedom, i am going to hear the pitter patter of 1st grader feet in my entry way, and I am totally refreshed and oh so excited to see him.

11. i’m thinking that the whole “mother of a darling, twinkie and dorito eating child who goes to school ALL the live-long day” thing is working for me. yep. totally is.


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I dont think I've had a better Taco OR Ghetto Juice for that was DELIC.... Love u