Sunday, August 16, 2009

A few things I'd like to discuss:

1. When I woke up this morning, the air in my bedroom was really cold. I loved it. I snuggled down into my blankets and didn't surface for another hour.

2. I am getting really, really, really, exited about school starting this Wednesday. I am going to clean my house, take naps any time I feel like it (well, any time between the hours of 8:30 and 2:45 that is) and write, write, write my little heart out. Part of me feels guilty. I feel like I should feel sad that my baby is gonna be gone all day, and there is a little, teeensy tiny part of me that DOES feel sad... but mostly, I'll be honest, I am elated.

3. There are still a couple hundred things I need to pick up, and errands I need to run before Wednesday. Boo, procrastination. Boo.

4. BOTH of my favorite boys in the whole wide great big world are having birthdays this week, and since I didn't do ANYTHING (bad wifey, bad!) for the hubs' 30th birthday last year, I thought we'd at least do a LITTLE somethin' for his 31st. But we're keeping it simple. TACO SUNDAY it is! (only, we're gonna make it TACO FRIDAY instead if that's cool with all of ya'll.) If you've had the World Famous Dugovic Tacos before...well then, I know I'm not going to have to do a whole lot to convince you to come. If you HAVEN'T had the World Famous Dugovic Tacos yet, then I highly recommend that you get your booty over to our place on Friday! It's going to be deeelicious, and there's a good chance that it will erupt into:
A) a hip hop break dance party
B) a comedic rap battle (accompanied by live beat boxing - by-the-way Crazy and Mike and Newcomer families, this means your attendance is now mandatory. Thanks ;)
C) a film festival including college dances, old movies of rap battles, and Light Moksha running through the Branbury Park Apartment Complex wearing nothing but a totally clear plastic jumpsuit and tighty whities.

It's a party you're not going to want to miss.
Do me a favor and RSVP via comment, text, or email so I can buy sufficient amounts of beef, and cheese, and tortillas, and lettuce, and like, such as the Iraq mmmmkay? Kay.

Taco Friday (Aug. 21st)* 6:00 * Kyle and Laura's * come prepared to eat insane amounts of tacos and party like it's 1999.
We know we're hermits like, 99.9% of the time, but we really do love our friends. And we miss you. So come play.
5. Kortland is really hoping for a water balloon extravaganza birthday party, so I am praying for decent SUMMER weather this Saturday the 22nd. (pray with me, kay?) Is it too much to ask for summer weather in AUGUST, Utah? Is it? I personally think that it is not.


Ashley Koz said...

BAHAHA miss teen south carolina, it just never gets old. Some US Americans don't have maps ok. we'll be there 4 sure

Cristi said...

We missed you today at Grandma's I hope you had a good day. So I will be in town this next Sat. are you having a party for Kort? I would love to come if you are.

Natasha Ireland said...

We will be there FRIDAY...let us know what time Sat. and we will work on that too.... we will send warm prayers to Sat. :)

Celeste said...

i'm going to be drowning in my tears at youth conference friday, so sad that we are going to miss out on our husbands finally meeting & eating tacos till we burst. crappy

Aubry Macbean said...

There is a good possibility that all three and a half of us will be able to come. I love tacos.